Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Network War Again

Network War Again

Less than a month after Angel Locsin's ober da bakod, another network war is in the offing. This time it involves two noontime show hosts -- Joey de Leon and Willie Revillame.

Everyday, we see people cry at Wowowee (iniwan ako ng nanay ko, wala po kaming pera pang kain, sumama sa iba ang asawa ko, blah blah blah drama), but yesterday, the main host cried. We were all shocked when Willie came out, crying. He is crying over Joey de Leon's statement against him and his program.

While watching him weep, I got myself thinking, "What could Joey de Leon had done for Willie to shout on live national television?" Willie was saying things like, "Kayo na #1. Sa inyo na ratings niyo!" and "Akala mo napakalinis mong tao!"

As kibitzer as I am, I surfed through the net what really happened.

Few weeks ago, there had been accusations that there is cheating in one of Wowowee's games. The bayong which was supposed to contain the 2 million prize contained zero. they hushed the issue by saying that this was an honest mistake.

Known for his snide remarks, Joey de Leon wrote an article where he ended it with "cheating happens on TV." And I think he also made some remarks on Eat Bulaga. Joey did not explicitly said that Willie and Wowowee is involved in the cheating.

Having read that, in my opinion, what Willie has said yesterday was a result of over reacting to issues. It was very uncalled for. It's like coming out to the world begging for sympathy.

Anyway, Willie is known for that. And IMO, I think the show is so exploiting the vulnerablity of the poor.

Nobody cares about the ratings, I think what the people wants is a formal statement on what really happened when the 2 million failed to show where it was supposed to be. We have seen enough crying on Wowowee, so please leave the eyes of the host dry.

Joey de Leon is set to give his own statement this afternoon on Eat Bulaga. Get your popcorns and sodas, this is one network war you would not want to miss.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Close My Eyes

Close My Eyes

1. Put your music player on shuffle.
2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.
3. You must write that song name down no matter how silly it sounds!

1. If someone says "Is this okay?" you say?
-- Umulan Man O Umaraw by Kyla.

2. What would best describe your personality?
-- I've Never Been To Me by Randy Crawford. (So true!)

3. What do you like in a guy/girl?
-- Buhay Ng Buhay Ko by Regine Velasquez

4. How do you feel today?
-- Sin Wagon by Carrie Underwood

5. What is your life's purpose?
-- Yeah Yeah Yeah by Juan Dablo Dream (to have a good time!! YEAH YEAH YEAH!)

6. What is your motto?
-- One Moment In Time by Whitney Houston ( I will bee freeeeee!!)

7. What do your friends think of you?
-- Alone by Heart ( OMG. So they think im alone! WAAH)

8. What do you think of your parents?
-- My All by Mariah Carey (eh?)

9. What do you think about very often?
-- Natutulog Ba Ang Diyos by Lani Misalucha
10. What do you think of your bestfriend?
-- I Can by Regine Velasquez (so true. hehe)

11. What do you think of the person you like?
-- My Immortal by Evanescence (siyet!0

12. What is your life story?
-- Tears Dry On Their Own by Amy Winehouse (siyet again!)

13. What do you want to be when you grow up?
-- Paglisan by Color It Red (eh grown up na ako? hehe)

14. What do you think when you see the person you like?
-- Bad Habit by Joss Stone! hahaha

15. What do your parents think of you?
-- War Of Nerves by All Saints. haha

16. What will you dance to at your wedding?
-- One More Try by Kyla (if ever i say i love you baby...will you ever understand me...) dapat The Promise eh!

17. What will they play at your funeral?
-- Healing by Denice Williams (dapat To Where You Are!)

18. What is your favorite hobby/interest?
My Humps by BEP. hahaha

19. What is your biggest fear?
-- Butterfly by Kyla. (i love butterflies. wag lang ipis!)

20. What is your biggest secret?
I Just Wanna Fucking Dance!! (though its not a secret.)

21. What song will be the title when you repost this?
-- Close My Eyes by Mariah Carey (love this song!)
Wala lang. :D

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Hungry at Gateway

Hungry at Gateway

It's past noontime and I have not eaten my lunch yet. I have a 2 PM meeting at The Fort with Ate Bam and Ate Sand. I am waiting for Ate Bam here at Gateway.

And I am starting to get hungry. I don't know what is it in me but I cannot eat alone on public places. Actually, there are many things I cannot do alone like watching movies and stuff like that.

Does anyone here have the same problem? Or am i just being a brat?

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Good Old Days on a Rainy Day

Good Old Days On A Rainy Day

Last Thursday, my first year college friends went out because JM is here for a visit. She is with her daughter Julienne plus her mom and sister. We met at Manila Hotel at around 7. We includes Edenne, Krestel and Joanne. Edenne and Joanne came with their husbands. Krestel and I came alone.

At first, we had a very delicious dinner at Dampa at Marcos Highway. JM enjoyed the food. At first, we thought that after dinner, we will all go home because of Egay. But after dinner, Jay-em wanted to spend more time with us in front of alcohols.

So after bringing Julienne back to Manila Hotel, we went to a Korean KTV Bar. It is a fact that Krestel and Jay-em is known at Letran for their voice. So it is nice to hear their voices again. Napakahusay! Krestel voice is more mature while Jay-em is much more powerful. Jay-em nailed Aegis' Halik while Krestel sang I Turn To You (our theme song!) effortlessly.

After two bottles of Henessy and a round of beer, we were all drunk. It made us miss college days more. I remember the first time we met each other, we went to SM Manila to eat lunch on our one hour break. We failed to get back to Letran on time and almost missed our first Logic class.

After almost 8 years of friendship, we are still there for each other. Although one thing has changed. Before, when we are all together, we talk about the latest fads, giggle because of boys, spend about one hour in the comfort room to put on make-up and just hang out as if we do not care about things. But now, all of their priorities have changed: KIDS and MARRIAGE. We are more mature when it comes to perspectives in life.

We had a good fun. We missed each other. And we all know that we will miss Jay-em even more when she goes back to the States. They say that one thing which is constant is change. I am so glad that though we have changed, our friendship is still there. If ever it has changed, it only got stronger.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Coping Up

Coping Up

I am feeling better right now. I am just in the state of hating some things.

If I hate myself yesterday, today, I hate my work!

I wonder what I'll hate tomorrow.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Inspiration Wanted

Inspiration Wanted

After another bottle of caffeine, let me try to put in words things which bother me.

A lot of things are going on in my life right now. I have few rakets alongside my day job, I have great set of friends and I love them to bits.

But I have to admit there are still things that I long for – a lifetime steady career, new mobile phone, a digital camera, new clothes, shoes, vacation and an inspiration.

I know I have to work twice as hard to achieve some of the things I want. But I am focusing on finding someone who can inspire me to achieve these things. There are a lot of prospects but, as they say, kung walang spark, wala talaga.

These past few weeks have been dry for me. There is this emptiness inside of me that I feel that I need to fill. It has been almost a year since Mike happened in my life. When I was with him, that void was filled by him. Now that he is gone, he took away with him the part of him which filled my emptiness.

I miss having someone -- someone to share my dreams, someone to talk to my fears, someone to ease the pain. A person who will tell me that everything will be okay. Someone who can assure me things will get better in the coming days and who can put a smile on my lonely face.

Now I am starting to think if the problem lies within me. I think Mike damaged me more than I thought so. I know it is so not right to blame someone but I cannot help but think. I have done a lot of things for him in the name of f-ing love that I do not know if I am ready to do it all over again.

I know I have a lot of friends, but few of them I can trust. I can only count in my hands the friends who knows the real me. Few of them saw me hit rock bottom and I can count in my hands how many of them got their shoulders wet with my tears.

Sometimes, when I am at home, I just want to jump back in my mom’s uterus and curl up like a fetus. I know I will be safe there; protected from all the world’s anxieties. In there, I can feel no emotions. Every so often, I wish I was still a baby who cannot speak. So in times when I cannot fully express how I can feel, crying will be the best way to explain my side.

At one point and another, all of us pass through a phase when we feel so alone. This is my phase. I feel so alone right now. I am more scared being alone than being dead. At least when you are dead, you cannot feel any emotions where as being alone makes you think of all the things that you should not be thinking. Alongside with this thinking, you will feel every kind of emotions that you are capable of feeling.

So that’s what been bugging me for the past six hours. I feel so alone, unloved, empty and damaged.

I know I do not make sense. My blog does not make sense either. I told you I am a t a loss for words right now.

Packed Thoughts

Packed Thoughts

I have always been good at articulating what I think and how I feel.

But right now, my mind is filled with things I do not know what. After three bottles of Pepsi and two Hershey's chocolate, I still do not know what to say.

I am at a loss for words right now.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

October 6, 1992

October 6, 1992

I cannot forget this date. I was watching ANG TV when my Tita's Yaya came running across our house's driveway.

"Sunog! Sunog!"

I thought it was a joke but you can sense the fear in her voice. I dropped the Chippy that I was eating and went straight out of the house and left Jolina Magdangal singing. When I got outside, I thought that our house was burning. Turned out, the house next to ours is burning up in flames.

My mom gathered us around (Back then, Ian, our younger brother, is not yet born. And my mom and dad is still in speaking terms.) and took us to Lola Consoling's place and then called my dad to inform him.

We stayed there for the whole night that our house is burning. There is school the next day. Lola Consoling served us dinner. I didn't eat because my appetite would not cooperate. How can it cooperate? We are bound to lose everything we have.

Upon watching the smokes climb up the air, I remember one thing: my pet rabbits. I got up immediately and told my brother that my rabbit is stuck in between our house and the house burning.

I was on the verge of tears when my brother gave me no answer. I sat down the ground near one of our dogs. I pet his head. I kept on thinking how my rabbit will look like when he is burned by the fire. I stopped thinking when I realized I do not want to see him that way.

Lola Consoling's gate opened and my Tito came in -- with him was the cage of my rabbit. Inside the cage, my white rabbit is sleeping soundly. How can an animal sleep while the house of his owner is burning?!?

I jumped in glee and got up, getting the cage. I immediately took the rabbit outside his cage and into my hands. My dad arrived with his sister. He was in tears when he hugged us. My Tita told me that they almost met an accident when they were on their way over because my dad was rushing to our house and was violating all traffic rules. I wonder if dad will have the same reaction if ever this happedn to us right now. I highly doubt.

After about five hours, the fire was under control. Only a part of our house was damaged by the fire but all of our things were wet.

I was sleepless for about four days. I didn't go to school for a week. All my notebooks, books and school stuff were drenched. We stayed at our Tita's place for about four days.

A Filipino saying goes, "Mabuti nang manakawan, huwag lang masunugan." And it is so true. We are lucky that the fire did not reach our house. we are fortunate that the only thing that happened to us was that all of our things got wet. No one died except for the Lola in the house where the fire started.

Up until now, I still cannot believe that it happened to us. We survived with wet things. Fifteen years after, we are still survivors -- surviving things more worse than a fire.

MRT Tale

MRT Tale

Last Tuesday after work, I went to Galleria to meet up with Lester for our 11:30 AM lunch date. I left the office at around 11:10 AM anticipating a short travel via MRT. Little did I know that it will take me 45 minutes to get to Galleria.

When I bought the tickets, there were several people waiting for the train. I joined them. It took about 30 minutes for our train to arrive. I was sooooooo freaking pissed.

What pissed me more is when this group of all-girl group of kolehiyalas who joined us in our coach when they all know that there is a special coach for girls. And they were giggling when they found out how tight the people are inside our coach. DUH!?!!

To all the kolehiyalas out there, let me speak your language so you could get my point: It's like this, you know. There is this, like, a special coach for like girls and the disabled. And you can ride it so you can, like, get to your, like destination without guys, like, making hipo to you. Can you, like, get your, like, dumb ass over there so all of our lives will be, like, so much better, like?

In my language: fuck off our coach and go to the first coach of the train!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Raindrops Questions

Raindrops Questions

Tropical Depression Chedeng brought rains over the country for the past two days. Right now, it is still giving us mild rain showers and it is very windy.

Elementary and High School classes are suspended. One of my questions is for my working multiply friends: Don't you miss having you classes suspended? Waking up at 6 AM only to find out that classes are suspended. So you can go back to bed and sleep up until 12 NN. Do you miss oversleeping on weekdays feeling the warmth of your blanket? i do miss both situations.

College classes are not suspended. For all the college students there: don't you hate it that you are being left out from all of this suspension? Back then, I have always felt that if there would be a level which they have to suspend, it would have to be college. Don't the CHED officials realize that almost all college students are going to their schools via public transportation? And do they have an inkling on how HARD it is to travel on rainy days? Don't you think it is unfair for them not to suspend your classes because you are old enough to handle the rain? Again, I do.

And this question goes to all of my Multiply contacts regardless of your age: is it just me or do you always feel twice as lonely when the rain starts to drop? I wonder why rainy days, not only on Mondays as the Carpenters used to serenade to us but also from Tuesdays to Sundays, always keep us down?

Monday, August 06, 2007

Two's A Company, Three's The Best

Two's A Company, Three's The Best

In one's lifetime, they say that you are lucky to have one person whom you can trust. If this is true, I am very lucky, I have three.

Way back in Elementary, Abbie and I got close in an unusual way. Abbie entered our school when I was in Grade 4. She was the new girl in school. And when first quarter ended, she came in second among the class, me being the first. Two days after the releasing of cards, I was accused of letting Abbie copy my test paper, helping her to finish up at second. Guess who spilled the accuusation? My previous bestfriend who turned out to be my first enemy.

Anyway, since then, Abbie and I (together with Agot) were inseparable. Sadly, we lost touch after High School. We tried to keep in touch but it was quite hard. I miss Abbie.

In High School, I have always felt that I was a loner until senior year. It was not until fourth year that I have found a set of great friends in which I knew that I would be keeping for the rest of my life.

College came along with my second bestfriend, Krestel. She is, for me, the prettiest among the girls in my class. We have the same taste in music (Christina Aguilera and Kyla rules for us!) She even get to be the sister of Kyla in Magpakailanman's Sarah Geronimo Story.

I remember walking out of the class because she was crying. Why? She and her obnoxious boyfriend fought over me. Her boyfriend caught us walking holding hands. Hello? as in HELLO?!? Yes, he is THAT insecure. The moment I knew of the reason they fought, I want to give her boyfriend a French to secure him. But based on his looks, I passed.

Having read that, Krestel and I had gone a lot of downs. We also have our own share of the ups. Right now, she mothers two beautiful daughters. I also miss her. I remember her everytime I hear I Turn To You. She always sings this song. We love each other like sisters.

After college, I went straight to work -- from Saga Events + models to GMA Network to being self employed then back to GMA Network.

I was not able to find a bestfriend among my co-workers. I found one in an online community for PLU -- I found Lester.

At first, Lester and I were not that close. We each had our own different groups in the community. But our groups hang out in the same circle. So I know him.

We got close after our first Holy Week Trip to Puerto Galera. And his personality is faaaaaar more better than the rumors hounding him in the site.

After the trip, all hells broke loose. Or something like that. At those times we are getting to know each other, he was reviewing for the board. He went through a lot that time I can say. So I did all my best to lessen the pressure upon him -- I took him to every inumans and outings that we had, went with him to Manaoag to pray, we frequently exchange SMS especially when we are both down and depressed. Also at that time, I was suffering from career confusion. In exchnage, he was also there for me. We helped each other get out of each other's shit. And we succeeded.

We got closer when he moved near our house. So as expected, sleepovers happened, DVD marathons took place, our talks will go for hours and countless dinners together. One time, I brought two bottles of Vodka Mudshake, a pint of ice cream and DVDs. We just sat there in front of his TV and watched, drink and ate til wee hours. Everytime we go out, people are often mistaken us as a couple or as brothers.

But now he has work and moved to Ortigas, we seldom hang out. We are lucky if we get to go out on Saturdays to catch up with things. I miss having him close to my house. He is the brother that I never but wished that I had.

These three are my bestfriends. I am very lucky to have them around.

An Austrian saying goes that all good things come in threes. Beginning, middle and end -- just like any good stories. So this is my story. I will treasure my three best friends all my life. And our friendship will live on even if I am six feet under.

Thursday, August 02, 2007


Salamat kay Hesus At Biyernes Ulit

Biyernes na! Parang kahapon lang, Lunes pa lang.

Everytime Friday strikes, I miss my self employed days even more. Those days where I would go out almost every night. In those days, at 2:30AM, I am still out drinking and hanging out with friend. But now, I am on my way to work at 3 AM. See how immense the change is?

That's why I am always looking forward to Fridays. And I hate Mondays.

Oh well, this is a very incoherent blog. So I'll just see everyone of you at Tiandecitas tongith for the Juan Pablo Dream band gig. Or at O Bar Malate after.


Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Kwentong Starfish

Kwentong Starfish

There was a man who was walking along a sandy beach where thousands of starfish had been washed up on the shore. He noticed a boy picking up starfishes one by one and throwing them backinto the ocean. The man observed the boy for a few minutes and then asked what he was doing. The boy replied, "I'm throwing these starfishes back into the ocean or else they will die."

"But you can't possibly save them all, there are thousands on this beach, and this must be happening on hundreds of beaches along the coast. You can't make possibly make a difference!" said the man.

The boy smile, bent down and picked up another starfish as he threw it back into the sea, he replied, "I made a difference to that one!"


I love this story. Very inspiration. And as Starfish Magazine encourages the youth, let us all go out there and make a diffference.

*** Starfish Magazine is available in all leading bookstores. Throw one back into the water. :D

Answering Surveys

Answering Surveys

I always have fun answering surveys in Friendster bulletin board. I like questions like, "Last person who texted you?" and "The 8th message in your inbox?"

Im my 24 years in this world, I have been answering Friendster (and other online community) surveys for about five years now. But there is one kind of survey that I want to answer: the survey that Pulse Asia, Ibon Foundation and SWS is conducting.

I am sure Pulse Asia (and the others) has conducted thousand of surveys since I first answered my first Friendster survey. I have answered about a hundred of Friendster surveys but I haven't a single Pulse Asia survey. I also asked some of my friends and now I am wondering why none of my friends participated in their surveys.

I wonder how Pulse Asia and other survey conducting companies choose their respondents. Latest Pulse Asia survey shows that 72% is dissatisfied witht he way PGMA is running our country's government. Let us say that they have 1, 000 respondents, is it safe to say that their survey is 100% accurate and reliable? Maybe 50%? Can that representation voice out the thoughts of the estimated 80 million Filipinos all over the country?

IMO, I don't think so.

How about you? Have you answered a Pulse Asia Survey or a Social Weather Survey? Or are you also stuck with Friendster Bulletin Board surveys like me?

Abnormal Weather

Abnormal Weather

Just when you thought that the country's weather could never get worse (or weirder), another news came out.

It is August for crying out loud! We should enjoy cold nights, rainy days and gusty winds. Instead, the weather is so hot, I want to jump aboard a bus go to Batangas port and go to Puerto Galera for another summer vacation.

Now it get weirder and complicated?

Tow days ago, few towns in Bulacan and Pampanga experience strong winds locally known as buhawi.

Want more weird news?

Just when the buhawi is going over Bulacan and Pampanga, guess what rained over the summer capital of the country? Ice. Apparently, Baguio City experience what weather officials call as hale. They say that this is the effect of the continous dry spell that the country is expriencing.

And they warned us, there could be more of this weather conditions if the dry spell continues. So the weather is just like us, people. Sexual dry spell can make us crazy while a weather dry spell can make our climate go loco. Just the same, I think I am going twice as crazy with my sexual dry spell together with the weather dry spell that the country is going through right now. Anyone wants to help me and save half of my sanity?

Anyway, I wonder what is happening to our weather system. Paging Mother Nature, we need to interview you. Only you could provide the answers.