Monday, August 06, 2007

Two's A Company, Three's The Best

Two's A Company, Three's The Best

In one's lifetime, they say that you are lucky to have one person whom you can trust. If this is true, I am very lucky, I have three.

Way back in Elementary, Abbie and I got close in an unusual way. Abbie entered our school when I was in Grade 4. She was the new girl in school. And when first quarter ended, she came in second among the class, me being the first. Two days after the releasing of cards, I was accused of letting Abbie copy my test paper, helping her to finish up at second. Guess who spilled the accuusation? My previous bestfriend who turned out to be my first enemy.

Anyway, since then, Abbie and I (together with Agot) were inseparable. Sadly, we lost touch after High School. We tried to keep in touch but it was quite hard. I miss Abbie.

In High School, I have always felt that I was a loner until senior year. It was not until fourth year that I have found a set of great friends in which I knew that I would be keeping for the rest of my life.

College came along with my second bestfriend, Krestel. She is, for me, the prettiest among the girls in my class. We have the same taste in music (Christina Aguilera and Kyla rules for us!) She even get to be the sister of Kyla in Magpakailanman's Sarah Geronimo Story.

I remember walking out of the class because she was crying. Why? She and her obnoxious boyfriend fought over me. Her boyfriend caught us walking holding hands. Hello? as in HELLO?!? Yes, he is THAT insecure. The moment I knew of the reason they fought, I want to give her boyfriend a French to secure him. But based on his looks, I passed.

Having read that, Krestel and I had gone a lot of downs. We also have our own share of the ups. Right now, she mothers two beautiful daughters. I also miss her. I remember her everytime I hear I Turn To You. She always sings this song. We love each other like sisters.

After college, I went straight to work -- from Saga Events + models to GMA Network to being self employed then back to GMA Network.

I was not able to find a bestfriend among my co-workers. I found one in an online community for PLU -- I found Lester.

At first, Lester and I were not that close. We each had our own different groups in the community. But our groups hang out in the same circle. So I know him.

We got close after our first Holy Week Trip to Puerto Galera. And his personality is faaaaaar more better than the rumors hounding him in the site.

After the trip, all hells broke loose. Or something like that. At those times we are getting to know each other, he was reviewing for the board. He went through a lot that time I can say. So I did all my best to lessen the pressure upon him -- I took him to every inumans and outings that we had, went with him to Manaoag to pray, we frequently exchange SMS especially when we are both down and depressed. Also at that time, I was suffering from career confusion. In exchnage, he was also there for me. We helped each other get out of each other's shit. And we succeeded.

We got closer when he moved near our house. So as expected, sleepovers happened, DVD marathons took place, our talks will go for hours and countless dinners together. One time, I brought two bottles of Vodka Mudshake, a pint of ice cream and DVDs. We just sat there in front of his TV and watched, drink and ate til wee hours. Everytime we go out, people are often mistaken us as a couple or as brothers.

But now he has work and moved to Ortigas, we seldom hang out. We are lucky if we get to go out on Saturdays to catch up with things. I miss having him close to my house. He is the brother that I never but wished that I had.

These three are my bestfriends. I am very lucky to have them around.

An Austrian saying goes that all good things come in threes. Beginning, middle and end -- just like any good stories. So this is my story. I will treasure my three best friends all my life. And our friendship will live on even if I am six feet under.


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