Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Answering Surveys

Answering Surveys

I always have fun answering surveys in Friendster bulletin board. I like questions like, "Last person who texted you?" and "The 8th message in your inbox?"

Im my 24 years in this world, I have been answering Friendster (and other online community) surveys for about five years now. But there is one kind of survey that I want to answer: the survey that Pulse Asia, Ibon Foundation and SWS is conducting.

I am sure Pulse Asia (and the others) has conducted thousand of surveys since I first answered my first Friendster survey. I have answered about a hundred of Friendster surveys but I haven't a single Pulse Asia survey. I also asked some of my friends and now I am wondering why none of my friends participated in their surveys.

I wonder how Pulse Asia and other survey conducting companies choose their respondents. Latest Pulse Asia survey shows that 72% is dissatisfied witht he way PGMA is running our country's government. Let us say that they have 1, 000 respondents, is it safe to say that their survey is 100% accurate and reliable? Maybe 50%? Can that representation voice out the thoughts of the estimated 80 million Filipinos all over the country?

IMO, I don't think so.

How about you? Have you answered a Pulse Asia Survey or a Social Weather Survey? Or are you also stuck with Friendster Bulletin Board surveys like me?


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