Sunday, August 19, 2007

Good Old Days on a Rainy Day

Good Old Days On A Rainy Day

Last Thursday, my first year college friends went out because JM is here for a visit. She is with her daughter Julienne plus her mom and sister. We met at Manila Hotel at around 7. We includes Edenne, Krestel and Joanne. Edenne and Joanne came with their husbands. Krestel and I came alone.

At first, we had a very delicious dinner at Dampa at Marcos Highway. JM enjoyed the food. At first, we thought that after dinner, we will all go home because of Egay. But after dinner, Jay-em wanted to spend more time with us in front of alcohols.

So after bringing Julienne back to Manila Hotel, we went to a Korean KTV Bar. It is a fact that Krestel and Jay-em is known at Letran for their voice. So it is nice to hear their voices again. Napakahusay! Krestel voice is more mature while Jay-em is much more powerful. Jay-em nailed Aegis' Halik while Krestel sang I Turn To You (our theme song!) effortlessly.

After two bottles of Henessy and a round of beer, we were all drunk. It made us miss college days more. I remember the first time we met each other, we went to SM Manila to eat lunch on our one hour break. We failed to get back to Letran on time and almost missed our first Logic class.

After almost 8 years of friendship, we are still there for each other. Although one thing has changed. Before, when we are all together, we talk about the latest fads, giggle because of boys, spend about one hour in the comfort room to put on make-up and just hang out as if we do not care about things. But now, all of their priorities have changed: KIDS and MARRIAGE. We are more mature when it comes to perspectives in life.

We had a good fun. We missed each other. And we all know that we will miss Jay-em even more when she goes back to the States. They say that one thing which is constant is change. I am so glad that though we have changed, our friendship is still there. If ever it has changed, it only got stronger.


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