Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Abnormal Weather

Abnormal Weather

Just when you thought that the country's weather could never get worse (or weirder), another news came out.

It is August for crying out loud! We should enjoy cold nights, rainy days and gusty winds. Instead, the weather is so hot, I want to jump aboard a bus go to Batangas port and go to Puerto Galera for another summer vacation.

Now it get weirder and complicated?

Tow days ago, few towns in Bulacan and Pampanga experience strong winds locally known as buhawi.

Want more weird news?

Just when the buhawi is going over Bulacan and Pampanga, guess what rained over the summer capital of the country? Ice. Apparently, Baguio City experience what weather officials call as hale. They say that this is the effect of the continous dry spell that the country is expriencing.

And they warned us, there could be more of this weather conditions if the dry spell continues. So the weather is just like us, people. Sexual dry spell can make us crazy while a weather dry spell can make our climate go loco. Just the same, I think I am going twice as crazy with my sexual dry spell together with the weather dry spell that the country is going through right now. Anyone wants to help me and save half of my sanity?

Anyway, I wonder what is happening to our weather system. Paging Mother Nature, we need to interview you. Only you could provide the answers.


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