Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Raindrops Questions

Raindrops Questions

Tropical Depression Chedeng brought rains over the country for the past two days. Right now, it is still giving us mild rain showers and it is very windy.

Elementary and High School classes are suspended. One of my questions is for my working multiply friends: Don't you miss having you classes suspended? Waking up at 6 AM only to find out that classes are suspended. So you can go back to bed and sleep up until 12 NN. Do you miss oversleeping on weekdays feeling the warmth of your blanket? i do miss both situations.

College classes are not suspended. For all the college students there: don't you hate it that you are being left out from all of this suspension? Back then, I have always felt that if there would be a level which they have to suspend, it would have to be college. Don't the CHED officials realize that almost all college students are going to their schools via public transportation? And do they have an inkling on how HARD it is to travel on rainy days? Don't you think it is unfair for them not to suspend your classes because you are old enough to handle the rain? Again, I do.

And this question goes to all of my Multiply contacts regardless of your age: is it just me or do you always feel twice as lonely when the rain starts to drop? I wonder why rainy days, not only on Mondays as the Carpenters used to serenade to us but also from Tuesdays to Sundays, always keep us down?


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