Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Network War Again

Network War Again

Less than a month after Angel Locsin's ober da bakod, another network war is in the offing. This time it involves two noontime show hosts -- Joey de Leon and Willie Revillame.

Everyday, we see people cry at Wowowee (iniwan ako ng nanay ko, wala po kaming pera pang kain, sumama sa iba ang asawa ko, blah blah blah drama), but yesterday, the main host cried. We were all shocked when Willie came out, crying. He is crying over Joey de Leon's statement against him and his program.

While watching him weep, I got myself thinking, "What could Joey de Leon had done for Willie to shout on live national television?" Willie was saying things like, "Kayo na #1. Sa inyo na ratings niyo!" and "Akala mo napakalinis mong tao!"

As kibitzer as I am, I surfed through the net what really happened.

Few weeks ago, there had been accusations that there is cheating in one of Wowowee's games. The bayong which was supposed to contain the 2 million prize contained zero. they hushed the issue by saying that this was an honest mistake.

Known for his snide remarks, Joey de Leon wrote an article where he ended it with "cheating happens on TV." And I think he also made some remarks on Eat Bulaga. Joey did not explicitly said that Willie and Wowowee is involved in the cheating.

Having read that, in my opinion, what Willie has said yesterday was a result of over reacting to issues. It was very uncalled for. It's like coming out to the world begging for sympathy.

Anyway, Willie is known for that. And IMO, I think the show is so exploiting the vulnerablity of the poor.

Nobody cares about the ratings, I think what the people wants is a formal statement on what really happened when the 2 million failed to show where it was supposed to be. We have seen enough crying on Wowowee, so please leave the eyes of the host dry.

Joey de Leon is set to give his own statement this afternoon on Eat Bulaga. Get your popcorns and sodas, this is one network war you would not want to miss.


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