Saturday, April 29, 2006



In one lifetime, you get to meet different kinds of people. And I am sure you met someone like Michelle. I met my Michelle late last year.

At first, we got along just fine. But somewhere along the way, my friends and I realized that she is the kind of girl who wants to be the center of attention.

Since she was our 'friend', we accepted her for what she is. She dressed slutty in parties so that everyone will remember her name when the party ends. She created issues among the people around her and even made it public.

We were seeing a different Michelle these past few months. She is so desperate to shine and to be noticed. She wanted to be the talk of the town so she did things that were just crazy. She did things for the sake being noticed. And when it backfires, she has nothing to do but to create another scene that will overshadow the previous one.

And just last week, news got to us that she is tired of being the talk of the town. Well, bite me sideways. This is what she wants, so be it. As if being the talk of the town will help her gain popularity. Yes, we are talking about her, but we talk about the negative stuffs about her. And we just laugh our heads off. But now, we all pity her. Pathetic can be a synonym word for her name.

I am sure that in every barkada, there is always a Michelle. A piece of advice: give her/him/it what she/he/it wants. And if she/he/it grew tired of the attention, give her/him/it more. It will only kill her/him/it.

Bum and Bored

Bum and Bored

Before my blog becomes an online photo album, I must post an entry about my life. My life is getting way ahead of my blog.

Anyway, I am an official bum right now. But I have rakets on the side. Last week, I went with Miss Bumble’s group to set-up the Levi’s Store in Glorietta and Market Market. It was fun and it made me miss doing events more.

Last Wednesday, I learned that there is a freeze hiring in the public affairs department of GMA so I think it will take quite a long time before they call me again.

So for now, I am doing absolutely nothing.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Pictionary VI

Pictionary VI

Fab Bar: Post Galera Celebration

The Owner of the Camera: Jap Cactus aka Miguel

Ramde and Me

A Picture from the Fab CR

Gerald from Sonata Bar. Nuf Said.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Fab Goes To Galera Video

Fab Goes To Galera Video

Kudos to Jason aka Camerlengo. Even if he wasn't there with us, he made an effort to create this fabuloush video!

Die, Paranoia Die!

Die, Paranoia, Die

Since Pao killed his 'yaya', I will kill my recent enemy -- Paranoia.

I wonder who I will kill next. This is fun!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Pictionary VI - Galera Edition II

Pictionary VI - Galera Edition II

Hanging out by the seashore

Bk, Moi, Ramde, Rainbow

Mike, Zee (ayan ha may picture ka na!) Rainbow, Moi, Shades and Blonde Hair of Rhobbie and BK

First Day sa Beach (Lester, mukha kang hippie!)

Second Shot (trying to be a model!)

Nahiya naman kami sa make up ni Jhumar!

GO go GO!


Clockwise: Darkest, Darker, Dark, Light.

Spice Girls without Geri

Destiny's Children!

After being Braided! (sakit sa anit!)


Strike a pose!

Jean Garcia, Alicia Keys, Ya Chang.

Mga Emotera sa tabing dagat

Cover ng Album kong entitled, Dalampasigan.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006


RENt Chapter III

Hi chico muzta na. C ren 2. D2 k dada ko sa riyad nw. 2 days nako d2 and my job
d2 whch ofer great salary 1600 dollar tax free, free lahat - 18 April 2006 10:33:13

I recieved the text message at around 4 PM in the afternoon. I was about to take my afternoon nap when he texted me. My senses awoke. And the first thought that entered my head was I need to load my phone right away. I replied.

Based from our SMS exchange, he did not recieve my last text when he was about to leave the country.

Of course, I was touched by his effort to text me all the way from Riyadh. Uber touch. Of all people, why me? I know it is pathetic to give any meaning to that text message. But sometimes, I cannot help it.

For now, I am just feeling lucky. As Danzboy puts it, if we cannot have the whole pie, magtiis sa crumbs.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Pictionary V - Galera Edition

Pictionary V - Galera Edition

Day 1

Jhumar, Me, Lester

Moi and Jhumar

Party na sa labas -- retouch!

Party sa Shore

Ssshhh, I am a slut. (Nico, Ramde and Moi)

Sa labas ng Room 3, Delgado's Resort

Isa pa!!

Mike, Zee, Ramde, Rainbow, Me, BK

Ramde and Moi

Before Swimming, After Drinking.

Pose muna!

Jhumar, Me and Lester

My Music Sister - Lester

Last Supper

Second Night.


Fabuloush Weekend at Galera

Fabuloush Weekend at Galera

The weekend was fabuloush! We went to Puerto Galera from Thursday to Sunday. We arrived at around 12 NN on Thursday and left at 12 NN on Sunday.


  • Stampede Stampedan, Ang Matumba, Patay - Ang pinakabongang laro, di ba Mike? Pier pa lang, nilalaro na namin ito. Sumunod na laro ay ang Landslide Landslidan at ang Tsunami Tsunamihan.
  • Pink Fishes and Alimango ni Cupkeyk - Habang naghihintay kami ng bangka, ito ang tinitingnan ni Joel.
  • Sagidi Sagidi Sapopo - Kamusta naman di ba? Ang magkamali, bente. Kaya nabawasan ang share namin sa super sarap na dinner.
  • Birthday Party - Every other meal, may nagbibirthday sa amin na pinangungunahan ni Raymond.
  • Trekking Adventure - Nangatog ang tuhod namin ni Mike sa pagakyat ng bundok makarating lang sa kabilang dulo ng galera.
  • Tanning - Goodluck sa tanning ko di ba? Isang oras ako nakahilata sa araw, walang pinagbago ang kulay ko. May tanning lotion pa ako, wa epek naman!
  • Beau Con - Ang pagsali ni Pete aka Fuzzy Star sa Beau Con.
  • Our Last Supper - For me this was the best part of my Galera Holy Week Adventure.
  • Spice Girls Mania - Tama bang buuin ang dalawang tapes ng Spice Girls? Jusko, kulang na lang mapatid ang litid namin nina Borj at Lester para lang makanta ang mga songs nila. Syempre, may mga matatanda na itago natin sa pangalang Raymond at Ramde na Carpenters ang kinakanta.
  • Kuya Pa Kiss - sino naglitanya nito sa bawat kuya na dumaan? Ako. Pero before naging kiss, crush ka niya *sabay turo kay BK o kay Jhumar.
  • Buhusan ng Beer Portion - Ito ang pinakawinner sa mga eksena. Bnuhusan ko ng beer si Yuan. Pero binuhusan niya rin ako. Pero keri lang, ako ang nauna.
  • At tama bang masiraan kami ng bangka gayung malapit na kami sa pier? At ang Ipod ko, Ipod ng Bayan! LOLZ.

IMO, this is my best galera ever. I really had fun. I got the chance to bond with the Fab Members who are not that close to me. Now, we can say that we are bonded to the fullest. We all cannot wait for the next outing.

Pictures to be posted after I post this.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Goodbye Newsroom!

Goodbye Newsroom!

This will be my last day to work for news as a news monitor. I would be a hypocrite if I will not say that I will miss this.

I will miss all the ngaragness everytime the senate or the congress will have their inquiries on national issues. I will miss missing out some stories. I will miss being updated on the news.

Of course, I will miss mt co-workers. I will Karla's kwentos, Lorie's pants, Val's kikayness, Jenny's jokes and Backstreet Boys addiction, Mommy Allaine's voice, Jobelle's colors, Alexa's biboness and Virge's girlishness.

I will also miss our collection of mineral water bottles. And I will miss our shifts.

Basta, I WILL MISS THIS. But, I have to end this chapter of my career. I need to get out there to find out what I really like.

Keep in touch! MWAH! Aylabyu all!! No goodbyes! See yah around!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Die, Insecurity, Die

Die, Insecurity, Die

I killed someone.

As of 11:12 PM, April 11, my insecurity is dead.

Candy Book I Chapter III

Candy Book I Chapter III

Je t'aime.

I think I feel the same. But it's too late.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Candy Book I Chapter II

Candy Book I Chapter II

So last Friday, I was down. I went to my Sister Slut China's Birthday Party at Mcdonald's Fort. The party lasted up to 12 MN.

After the party, Mam Tex and company went to Pier One. I was supposed to go home and wait for your call but I decided that I want to hang out with them. I know you are still mad at me for all the things I told you.

We went home at around 3 AM. I enjoyed their company but I didn't enjoyed the night. I was really bothered by what just happened between the two of us. It got me seriously thinking.

My torture did not end there. Come Saturday night, I found myself at Malate hanging out with my great friends. At first, I thought I was okay. But when the alcoholic drinks took the better part of me, I was again sober. I had no control over it. I found myself thinking about you.

I went home at around 4:30 AM. Again, I was drunk.

Yesterday, I got a call from one of my friends saying you were online. I went online and found you there. I so wanted to talk to you about things.

ME: Hey. I miss you. Sorry for everything I said.
YOU: It's okay. I have something to tell you.
ME: ...
YOU: I don't think we can go to the 'more than friends' thing.
BANG! There it goes. You just confirmed that I really destroyed everything that is existing between the two of us.

YOU: I will call you in ten minutes, if you still want to talk to me.
ME: Of course, I do.

After ten minutes, I find myself talking to you. You said you are 'pursuing' someone. And that someone is not me. You said you do not want to see someone behind my back. I told you I was okay though I am not sure about this. You said you have to go because you and your family will go out to eat dinner.

YOU: I will call you at around 10.
ME: Okay. I will wait.

At ten, I was lying in my bed reading The Valkyries by Paulo Coelho -- waiting for your call. I read about twenty pages, but the phone still hasn't ring.

At twelve, I decided to sleep. After ten minutes, the phone rang. I heard your voice. We talked and I am so glad that things has not changed -- for me at least.

We hung up at around 1 AM.

Right now, I do not know how to feel. But I have decided to take it easy. Come what may. Anyway, that is my mantra ever since.

But for now, I have learned my lesson. And I want to thank you for teaching me this lesson.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Candy Part I

Candy Book I Part I

I keep messing things up. I guess this just proves that the problem is me. I was just talking to you. And up until now, I think that you are perfect for me. But I cannot help but think the things that I am thinking.

I am such an insecure bitch when it comes to these kinds of situations. I'm sorry but I cannot help it.

Your parting words got me thinking: Pinamumukha mo sa akin na ikaw lang ang nagmamahal. Did we reach that stage? I simply don't know. And from what had happened, I think I just messed up everything between us. I think I destroyed the one thing that keeps my happy these past few days -- YOU.

And I simply hate myself.

Monday, April 03, 2006



Even if you did not reply to my text message, I guess you just stated clearly what your reaction is when you rejected my calls twice: REJECTION.

So now, I do not know where you are. I do not know if we are still in the same country or if you are flying up above where I am.

Now, I am starting to think that something is wrong with me. And the loneliness is growing every minute. Hope it does not take a bigger part of me or even kill me before I find someone to love.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Hed Kandi, Issues, Colossus and RENt

Hed Kandi

PARTEEEEE! That's what we did last Friday at the World Trade Center. It was -- as Domwheesung and Brian Keith put it -- FUN FUN FUN!! It was the Hed Kandi Party.

Rainbow danced the night away -- literally. Parang manikang sinusi para sumaway buong gabi. I had fun. I saw Ate Yzqa and Manette which made me miss doing events more.

Went home at around 3 AM. I was so tired that night. I drank two glasses of vodka.


I just don't get it why there are so many issues around me ang my friends right now.

Two of my friends are not getting along since last Saturday. One of my friends just got bitten by a snake -- who also happens to be his friend -- and took away his partner.

And as for myself, I have my own issues. And last Saturday I felt the weight much more. I'm sure all of you will agree when I say that there are times when you just want to break down and cry. Well, that's how I felt last Saturday.


When I was feeling down last Saturday, a friend of mine who are a thousand miles away from me cheered me up. He is my friend from Fab -- Jandhi aka Angelboy aka Colossus.

Why Collossus? Underneath the steel lies a teddy bear that you would love to hug everytime you need one.

If ever you stumble through this blog, thank you for lifting my spirits up last Saturday. I'm glad that I have a friend -- or even a brother -- in you even if we are oceans apart.
Looking forward to that hug when you get home.


I've been dying to tell you this: I really, really like you. and before you leave, I just want you to know that you are very, very special to me. I just want to know how you feel about this, so pleaase reply. - chicco

He is to leave for Italy tomorrow that is why I decided to text him the message.

No reply yet. There is no signal here inside my office so keep your fingers crossed.