Saturday, April 01, 2006

Hed Kandi, Issues, Colossus and RENt

Hed Kandi

PARTEEEEE! That's what we did last Friday at the World Trade Center. It was -- as Domwheesung and Brian Keith put it -- FUN FUN FUN!! It was the Hed Kandi Party.

Rainbow danced the night away -- literally. Parang manikang sinusi para sumaway buong gabi. I had fun. I saw Ate Yzqa and Manette which made me miss doing events more.

Went home at around 3 AM. I was so tired that night. I drank two glasses of vodka.


I just don't get it why there are so many issues around me ang my friends right now.

Two of my friends are not getting along since last Saturday. One of my friends just got bitten by a snake -- who also happens to be his friend -- and took away his partner.

And as for myself, I have my own issues. And last Saturday I felt the weight much more. I'm sure all of you will agree when I say that there are times when you just want to break down and cry. Well, that's how I felt last Saturday.


When I was feeling down last Saturday, a friend of mine who are a thousand miles away from me cheered me up. He is my friend from Fab -- Jandhi aka Angelboy aka Colossus.

Why Collossus? Underneath the steel lies a teddy bear that you would love to hug everytime you need one.

If ever you stumble through this blog, thank you for lifting my spirits up last Saturday. I'm glad that I have a friend -- or even a brother -- in you even if we are oceans apart.
Looking forward to that hug when you get home.


I've been dying to tell you this: I really, really like you. and before you leave, I just want you to know that you are very, very special to me. I just want to know how you feel about this, so pleaase reply. - chicco

He is to leave for Italy tomorrow that is why I decided to text him the message.

No reply yet. There is no signal here inside my office so keep your fingers crossed.


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