Saturday, April 29, 2006



In one lifetime, you get to meet different kinds of people. And I am sure you met someone like Michelle. I met my Michelle late last year.

At first, we got along just fine. But somewhere along the way, my friends and I realized that she is the kind of girl who wants to be the center of attention.

Since she was our 'friend', we accepted her for what she is. She dressed slutty in parties so that everyone will remember her name when the party ends. She created issues among the people around her and even made it public.

We were seeing a different Michelle these past few months. She is so desperate to shine and to be noticed. She wanted to be the talk of the town so she did things that were just crazy. She did things for the sake being noticed. And when it backfires, she has nothing to do but to create another scene that will overshadow the previous one.

And just last week, news got to us that she is tired of being the talk of the town. Well, bite me sideways. This is what she wants, so be it. As if being the talk of the town will help her gain popularity. Yes, we are talking about her, but we talk about the negative stuffs about her. And we just laugh our heads off. But now, we all pity her. Pathetic can be a synonym word for her name.

I am sure that in every barkada, there is always a Michelle. A piece of advice: give her/him/it what she/he/it wants. And if she/he/it grew tired of the attention, give her/him/it more. It will only kill her/him/it.


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