Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Goodbye Newsroom!

Goodbye Newsroom!

This will be my last day to work for news as a news monitor. I would be a hypocrite if I will not say that I will miss this.

I will miss all the ngaragness everytime the senate or the congress will have their inquiries on national issues. I will miss missing out some stories. I will miss being updated on the news.

Of course, I will miss mt co-workers. I will Karla's kwentos, Lorie's pants, Val's kikayness, Jenny's jokes and Backstreet Boys addiction, Mommy Allaine's voice, Jobelle's colors, Alexa's biboness and Virge's girlishness.

I will also miss our collection of mineral water bottles. And I will miss our shifts.

Basta, I WILL MISS THIS. But, I have to end this chapter of my career. I need to get out there to find out what I really like.

Keep in touch! MWAH! Aylabyu all!! No goodbyes! See yah around!


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