Monday, February 27, 2006

Love Post at the End of Love Month

Love Post at the End of Love Month

It was this month when I realized that I am so ready for love. I have picked my prey. A tall cute guy from an online community. But it turned out, I became his prey.

Knowing where he came from, I know this will be another ambitious long distance karir. We are about a thousand miles away from each other. But he frequents Manila because he is trying to look for a job. I just met up with him last Saturday.

As I mentioned above, I am ready to love again. That is why I didn't think twice on telling him that I liked him. I told him two weeks before. His reaction? He just asked why I picked him. I told him I find him interesting.

And since then, though he is miles away from me, I can feel the distance getting near. I am falling into the trap. No one can save me but him.

I am ready for love. But am I ready for pain that love brings? Wait, let me restate the statement. Am I ready for pain that UNREQUITED love brings?

Well, I am not yet sure if he likes me or not -- that remains to be seen. And I vow myself this evening not to rush into things. Take things as they come.

Hopefully, I will survive this one.


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