Thursday, February 16, 2006

Surviving Valentines

Surviving Valentines

So I survived the day for lovers.

How? By sleeping at 10:00 PM. But now, I think I have found someone whom I can love two days after Valentines.

I do not want to tell any details. I believe that this will pre-empt everything. I am now addicted to Ready for Love by India Arie. I played the song for about 15 times today.

Anyway, last night was my Blow Birthday Bash at Government Bar. All of my friends were represented. Aquinas friends, Letran friends, Online friends, and Work friends (both Saga and GMA).

I had fun. I missed all of my friends. At around 1:00 AM, Ichan, Robyn, Randy and I went to Starbucks at Greenbelt. I missed hanging out with them and talking about things.

I will be turning a year older in six days. I wish I would be able to spend my special day with the special someone. Just like last year.


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