Monday, February 27, 2006

Golden Fab Awards

Golden Fab Awards

Amid the state of national emergency declared last Friday, the Golden Fab Awards pushed through as scheduled on the 2oth anniversary of Edsa I -- February 25.

I was supposed to go to Rainbow Suites on Friday night where Raymond (Rainbow - director of the show) and company were already checked in. But I decided that I need my at least 8 hour sleep to be able to be an efficient host the next day. So after work, I went straight home to sleep.

Saturday morning, at around 9 AM, I went to Rainbow Suites to meet with them. Our call time was 11 AM but I felt like going there early. When I arrived, they were still at the room, so I printed out copies of the script and the sequence guide. After that, we went straight to Fab Bar and Restaurant to check the set-up. Beautiful and simply fabuloush! We have to say thanks to Aldherck2man, Tabiru and Calebe.

After lunch we start to rehearse for the show. I have to admit, my head started to ache and I feel like I was running a fever after I ate my lunch. So my energy was down during the rehearsals.

Rehearsals went on until arond 5 PM. After that, we went back to our hotel room to rest and make chikka for awhile. We ordered merienda from Mcdonalds. After eating, I took a Biogesic for my headache.

At around 8 PM, people started to arrive. And we, the organizers, were very overwhelmed by their support. Everyone was dressed to their nines! At around 10 PM, the program started. I have to drink 4 San Mig Lights -- pampalakas ng loob!

The program went off smoothly. Though there are some technical problems which cannot be avoided, we are all happy on how the program went.

The program ended at around 1 AM. I won the Fabuloush Icon Award for the night! After the program, we partied the night away with music by Drake24. Kudos also goes to the organizers -- myself included. To my fellow Sanggre: I love you guys! Congratch!

According to Fab Bar, 198 people came that night. Suffice to say, the Golden Fab Awards was a big success!

**pictures to be posted soon.


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