Sunday, February 12, 2006

A Day Before Lover's Day

A Day Before Lover's Day

Still, I am single.

I am planning on spending the day with my other single friends. We can have dinner or hang out some place.

I remember my last Valentine's Day: terror attack at Makati and dinner at Dencio's Magallanes. Quite memorable. I spent it with the one I would like to spend it the most. One of my friends just asked me if ever I regretted going to that dinner amid the terror attacks. No, I never regret going to Dencio's that night. It was my memorable Valentine's day ever. And if I have to do it all over again with the person I love, I will.

I can remember every little single detail that happened that night. From what I wore, what he wore, what we ordered, how we walked from Dencio's to his place and lot of stuff.

A year later, I am over him. He is now a friend to me.

Tomorrow will be a day for lovers, but a day for friends for me.

Happy Valentine's Day to all lovers. And to all single people out there, better luck next year. For the broken hearted, get over the feeling and hang out with your friends!


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