Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Victor Said

Victor Said

It is like making love with a wall. We are there -- in a cheap motel room. It is a cold January evening. This is my first time to have sex after midnight, so I am excited. I lay down the bed with white sheets knowing that 30 minutes after, things will get dirty.

He is in the bathroom. I can hear the steady beat of the dropping water. I close my eyes. The water stopped. The door opened. When I opened my eyes, he closed the lights. He lay down beside me. I placed my arms around his chest.

We kiss passionately -- as if we are in love. For the sake of lust, we pretended that we are lovers of each. We kiss, we lick, we suck and we fuck.

Thirty minutes after, he is back in the bathroom, taking a bath. I am still lying in the bed -- staring at the ceiling. He is done washing, it's now my turn.

I find myself inside the bathroom, washing myself with the cheap motel soap. Finally, I was able to finish taking a lousy bath. I began dressing up. I cannot wait to go home and sleep.

Now, I am finally on my own bed. I began thinking of what just happened.

It was like making love to a wall. We made love without any love to each other. We just pretended to make love for the sake of lust.


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