Saturday, March 10, 2007



"A heart can hallucinate when it is completely starve for love." - Jewel, Goodbye Alice in Wonderland

I was introduced to Jewel's words when I was in second year high school. Since then, I became an instant fan. I bought all of her albums, ordered here books, taped all her interviews, performances and videos, and surfed the internet for the latest update on her.

And, for me, the quoted line from her song above is one of her best quotes. I first heard the song when I was going out with Mike. At that time, Mike was surreal -- a dream come true for me. And it came to a point when I was begin to question myself if I was just hallucinating that Mike is reciprocating what I have for him.

I hit rock bottom at that time. Been depressed for awhile trying to answer my own questions. But actions are louder than words. What happened between me and Mike was not a hallucination. It was a dream come true. But like all dreams, it ended. I am just glad it happened.

I know this is an overdue issue but this morning when my IPod was on a random shuffle, it played that song which reminded me of everything. Yes, a heart can hallucinate when it is starved for love. We all wanted to be love. And sometimes, our minds see what our hearts wish were true.



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