Friday, February 16, 2007

Wish List

Wish List

Every year, I come up with a list of things I want for my natal day. Here's the list for this year.

  1. N73
  2. Permission to move into an apartment with friends
  3. MONEY
  4. Events for Planetmint Events + Concepts
  5. The Truth About Diamonds by Nicole Richie
  6. DVDs
  7. Ipod Charger
  8. Shopping Spree
  9. Icon Magazine Unpublished
  10. DSL connection
  11. Tickets to Lani Misalucha's Concert on March 17
  12. Digicam
  13. A perfect date
  14. World peace. hehehe

That's it. I wonder how many out of that list will I get this year.


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