Saturday, February 17, 2007

Tounge of an Angel

Tounge of an Angel

Way back in college, an Ouija inspired board game told me I was an angel in my previous life. I guess that is why I am always fascinated by angels.

Last week, I was browsing through my notebook when I found a very interesting poem. It was about one of my special friends, Lester. It was written the time he auditioned for a singing competition.

"hundred of dreamers with a common dream
one of the dreamers is my best friend
i believe in him so much
even if he doesn't believe in himself
he will make it.
if he does not pass this audition,
he will pass his board exams."
- September 4

He wasn't able to make it to TV. But two months after I wrote that, he passed his board exams. He is now a licensed Electronic and Communications Engineer.

Maybe I was really an angel in my past life. And all that is left of that angel is my tounge.


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