Sunday, February 25, 2007

Three Parties and a Birthday

Three Parties, A Birthday and A Thank You Note.

This has got to be the most interesting birthday year for me.

Last Thursday, we planned to consume the left-over beers from our POSH Event at AVENUE. So at around 5 PM, I was on my way to office (I took a day off). Before going to the office, I passed by Mt. Carmel to thank God for another year in my life.

When we arrived at the AVENUE Resto, there was a surprise waiting for me. My family minus my oldest kuya and my dad (of course), was there! Then all of my lovable friends - minus China and Lester - arrived.

This was my first surprise party EVER. I was really touched and surprise. After AVENUE Resto, we went straight to Malate. But I have to leave early because I had a phone date at 3 AM. ahem ahem.

The Golden Fab Awards took place the next day at Fluid Bar. At around 1 PM, we rehearsed the opening. By 8 PM, we were all prepared to conquer the stage. The program started at 11 PM and lasts up until 2 AM. Lester and I went home at 2:30 AM. He was tired from work, and I was wasted from drinking about 7 Red Horse beers.

My mom prepared merienda for my closest friends on Saturday afternoon. They came at around 5:30ish. We eat, we drink and we laugh. At around 10:30, we were on our way to Malate AGAIN.

And since this is the most memorable birthday for me, I would like to say thank you to those people who made it memorable.

My Mom and siblings - thanks for coming to my party. I was really surprised and touched that you were all there. I am also glad that you were able to meet my new found friends. I wish good health for all of us. Love you all.

Planetmint Events + Concepts: Tita Toni, Ate Bam, Ate Sand, Raymund and Edmar - thanks for the surprise. It was a wonderful week for us. And hopefully, one of my birthday wishes (more events) will come true soon. I am so happy to find a company that is simply the best! Lab you all. Ay Edmar, thanks pala sa video. Nakakaloka! Tita tons, thank you pala dun sa beer money. Teee heee. Hiya ako. Ate Bam at Ate Sand, thank you sa surprise party. Alam ko kayo pasimuno nun. hehe mwah! Raymund, thank you rin sa lahat lahat at thank God, naayos natin ang lahat. Nun ginawa ko sa GFA, ganyan ko kayo ka love. hehehe

Hali Lester and Slu*ty China - Kahit wala kayo, I can feel the distance getting near. Hahaha. Hali, can't wait to wear your gift. Thanks for coming last Friday sa GFA. Kahit hindi ko party yun, at least nagkita tayo sa birthday ko. Hindi tulad ni China. haha Slut, one of my birthday wishes is for you. Alam mo na yun! And my wish for you Hali is that may you succeed in your work. Super hardworking ka na nga noh! Weel, i'm sure you will succeed, coz you always do. Walang kalimutan kapag ikaw na may-ari ng Accenture ha! Ü Lab You Both.

Ate Nissa, Randy, Jaymie, Red and Hannah - Thank you for coming in any of my parties. hahaha. Randz, you still owe me a CD of the pictures. Thanks for the DVD. Red, balita ko winner ka sa karir. Jaymie, goodluck sa feasib mo. And I wish you find your perfect job after you graduate. And Hannah, goodluck sa pagiging bum. haha. and Ate Nissa, thank you sa pagpunta kahit nakapambahay ka lang. Pasabi na rin kay Papa Erwin.

Cholo - Thanks for coming kahit pagod na pagod ka na. I really appreciate it. Sana naman one time, magkita kita tayong apat di ba?

Jou at Deckyu - nagulat ako at andun kayo, in fairness. Thank you so much. Di bale, next time sa birthday niyo, may surprise rin kayo sa akin. tee hee. mwah

Bing and the Juan Pablo Dream - You are my favorite talaga. "I love you more today than yesterday..." I will forever be a dreamer. :)

Sino pa ba?

Eye and yun kasama mo - Thnaks for dropping by last Saturday. Iilan na lang tayong natitira. huhuhu.

At sa lahat ng bumati, tumawag man o nagtext: SALAMAT sa pagbati at sa pagiing bahagi ng buhay ko. drama! echuserang palaka!

Parang album acknowledgements di ba? ay wait may nakalimutan ako.

And to the Creator, for giving me this talent and for letting me use my talent to inspire many. Thank you.



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