Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Celebrating The End of 2006

Celebrating The End of 2006

2006 is ending. A new year, 2007, is coming to our lives.

Before 2006 year, let me dedicate this entry for the top 10 things that filled my year. Thanks to Edmar for this idea.


1. My Birthday Bash at Government. No intimate celebration this year. Sad.
2. My GMA exit. I miss it somehow.
3. Holy Week at Puerto Galera. It was a fun filled week spent with friends.
4. A start of new career – Visual Merchandiser. Thanks to Mama Bam and Mama Sand. Our tandem led up to our own Events Company which started last September with Tita Toni and Raymund – Planetmint Events and Concepts.
5. Mountaineering at Mount Romelo. It was a very tiring but adventurous climb up a mountain. Three hours of hiking?!? All I can say is: Not For Me.
6. An “ocular” trip to Cabugao, Ilocos Sur with Mama Sand, Mama Bambi, Lester and Raymund. Ocular for our team means checking one place and then spending the rest of the two day trip on vacation.
7. Manaoag Part I with Lester, Richard and Jeff. We went to Manaoag to pray for the Lester’s board. A road trip came true with three of my special friends. It is said that Manaoag is very powerful. Want some proof? Lester passed the board. Of course, the three of us (Richard, Jeff and I) wished some things for ourselves aside from Lester’s board. FYI, a day after our trip, Mike texted me, Richard got himself a job and Matt texted Jeff.
8. Dagupan and Manaoag Part II with Lester and Edmar. Harli invited us to judge a dance competition at Dagupan. All expense paid exclusive of the fare. So we jumped on board. Personally, I feel like I needed this break. This also gave a chance for us to thank Manaoag for everything.
9. Arnold and Ava's Wedding. The wedding of Mama Bambi's brother was our first official event. Though it was for free, I enjoyed working for it! Another event was Rxandy’s photo exhibits.
10. My cousins and Taer's two-week homecoming. Though I wasn't able to spend time with them because of work, it was so refreshing seeing my cousins and my 3 year old nephew on Christmas Day. I miss Taer already!

TOP TEN SONGS (this is hard for me to pick since I am a music lover. Hey, I have 781 songs in my I-Pod and you expect me to choose 10?!?)

1. Didn’t We Almost Have It All by Whitney Houston. Perfectly describes everything we are, right Mike?
2. Beautiful Days by Kyla. A beautiful song written by Kyla herself.
3. What Kind Of Fool Am I by Regine Velasquez. She blew us away with his performance of this song in her Twenty Concert.
4. This Too Shall Pass by India Arie. This song helped me (together with my friends' presence) realized that the hurt Mike brought to me shall also pass.
5. The Hurt I’d Go Through by Kyla. A soulful song written by Keith Martin for the R & B Princess.
6. Hanggang Ngayon by Ogie and Regine. A videoke favorite, right Lester?
7. These Dreams by Heart. Another videoke favorite, right Mama Sann?
8. Maybe It’s You by Jolina Magdangal. It has been one of my favorite love songs since I was introduced to it.
9. Hurt by Christina Aguilera. The first time I heard this song, I got teary eyed. The moment I saw the video, I cried. Love it!
10. Fly Like A Bird by Mariah Carey. A very inspirational song.


1. God – Nothing is more important than God.
2. My mom and my siblings – I am so thankful for my mom and my siblings.
3. Lester – I don't know what or where I am now if Lester wasn't one of my close friends. Maybe in a prison or in a mental hospital or six feet under. He is always there for me even at 3AM! Can you believe it?
4. Mama Bam – Ever since my Saga days, Mama Bam has always been there for me. She was the one who called me the moment she knew that I was out of GMA and invited me to hop on to their group. Hop on I did!
5. Mama Sand – Mama Sand is Mama Bam's college friend. She is my great mentor in Visual Merchandising. Work is so dull without her (and Mama Bam's) presence!
6. Edmar – My kumare. Now, he is our Junior Marketing Director in Planetmint. Sosyal! A very lovable and caring friend to everyone. As in EVERYONE!
7. Randy – the Bauding Photographer. You think it's a typo, right? No, I did it intentionally. It is a combination of Bading and Budding. A great friend and a lovable photographer! Did I say that he is the best?
8. Robyn – He left us for Qatar, for crying out loud! I know it has only been weeks but we miss her already. Boom tarat tarat! Robyn, just like Randy, has been a dear friend since High School. I smile and remember you everytime I hear You've Got A Friend!
9. Jaymie – Jaymie is Randy's cousin. This year, we got close because of Randy's exhibit. And thank God for her cousin's exhibit! She is now a gimik buddy, inuman partner and a co-grand mami killer.
10. China – How can I forget my sister slut? I miss our hotel adventure slut! Next time, we should bring bed partners already so we don’t have to talk about things until 2 AM!


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