Thursday, December 29, 2005

Three Parties Before 2005 Ends

After Topher's party last Monday, I went to Malate to meet up with Raymond and Ramde. We stayed at Fab Bar. We decided to meet again on Tuesday on the same place.

So on Tuesday night, we were at Fab Bar for the acoustic night with Lord Brian.

Ramde, Me, Lord Brian, Rainbow, Red and Dominick @ Fab Bar

As always, we had fun. My friends jammed with Lord Brian. Attendees were: Rainbow, Ramde, Dominick, Ghen, Ken, Red, Borj, Red, Jason, and me.

I went home early because I have to go to Cavite the next day for the birthday of one of my inaanaks -- East.

Daphne and I met at Mcdonald's Letran at around 4 PM. And we arrived at Arianne's House at 8:00 PM! Apparently, we got lost.

I miss being with my college friends. Attendees were: Pao, Arianne, Mitch, Dap, Joy, Alex, Mark, Verna, Jao and me. No pictures yet.

UPDATES: Joy is seven months pregnant. Isa isa na sila. Hehehe.

We went home at around 11 PM because I still ahve a party to attend to the next night, The White Party at the World Trade Center.

Fab Friends

Last night was the last Circuit Asia Party of the Year -- The White Party. At around 6 PM, Jeff and I met at Rob Placethen went straight to Rainbow's place to dress up. I was wearing a white sando with a FIGHTER21 (my nick) logo, a jacket (borrowed from Allaine), faded pants, white leather Chuckie Taylors and a white leather cap.

My friend Young joined the white costume competition . He did not win. But his costume was a bomb! For us, he is the winner.

But the highlight of the night: I won an IPOD NANO!!! Loves it!

I am not in the mood for blogging! I am still sleepy. More tomorrow. Or someday. I will also post more pictures when I write again.

Oh, Happy New Year to everyone reading!


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