Monday, January 02, 2006

It is now January 3, 2006. A New Year.

And I have so many things to celebrate!

First things first. 2005 had been a great year for me. It brought me to a new set of great friends -- Fab Friends. It also strengthened my friendship with my other friends.

I spent my Valentine's day and my Birthday with the person I want to spend it the most. But it did not turn out well. As Jewel says, sometimes it be that way.

Summer 2005 is a memorable summer for me. At Holy Week, we went to Vigan. It was a very relaxing four-day off from our work. A month after, we went to Puerto Galera to have our skins kissed by the golden sun. Minus the traumatic trip back home, it was fun! I was sober on my first night, lying on the sands of the beach, staring at the stars(click here for more stories). And on my second night, I got myself so drunk that I gave away the CD of my friend to a bar. They said I even signed a paper to prove that I gave the CD to them. Guess what? Until now, I can't remembe signing anything. Yes, I was THAT drunk.

My work is stable. Though I am not enjoying it as much as I did at Saga, I survived! And my workmates are the best!

By late last year, as I have mentioned, I met a new set of great friends -- Fab Friends. By now, I have made a solid group from the members. I usually hang out with some of them. And I know I have mentioned them in my previous posts. And I love them as much as I love my other friends.

As the year came to an end, I was able to settle some issues. Well, settle is not the word. I just had the confirmation that everything between me and my former little prince is okay. On December 26, I realized that we do not need to dwell in what happened. I miss having him as a friend.

The year ended with a bang! Or should I say with an IPOD? Yes, I won an IPOD Nano at the White Party last December 29. I'm beginning to think that the IPOD is my new lover.
And the year is off to a good start. First, I have loaded all of my favorite songs in my IPOD Nano -- songs by Jewel, Kelly Clarkson Christina Aguilera, Mariah Carey, India Arie, Spice Girls, and Kyla. I listened to it every night.

Second, I woke up this morning with a text message coming from My Bomb.

M n Quezn Cty ryt nw...Wd my famly,and sme frnds...W've js gt bck hre from
partyn...Ws bwt t txt u earlier, bt i ran out of credits...Hpe t meet up wd u
soon, wr goin hme later... - 01/03/06, 1:08 AM

I just don't know if home means Cebu.

And to cap things off, when I arrived from work today, my workmates gave me a stuff toy of Bed Time Bear. Loves it.

Pictures will be posted soon.


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