Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Never Alone

Last night, I went out with my friends. At first, we went to Cafe Carabana at Timog. Rainbow, Ramde, Young, Danz, Lester, Alvin, and Mantra were with me. After an hour, we went to Esquinita near ABS-CBN.

IMO, I think the night was very emotional. Raymond got teary eyed because he miss his other friends. Then at one point, Young walked out and went to the bathroom. Ramde and I followed. They were talking about something from Young's blog post. I have not read it yet last night so I cannot quite connect with what they are talking. So when I arrived at work today, I opened Young's blog and read his post.

I was shocked. I got teary eyed while reading the words from my friend. We know Young as a happy-go-lucky guy. That is why I am quite shocked by his post. I guess this is a living prrof that everyone in this world has his own excess baggages. And I guess the saddest heart can really lie behind the happiest face.

Now let me tell you my friend, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. First, I can relate to your problems in so many ways that if you want someone to talk to, I am just here. Second, as long as we are around, we will never leave you. We are just a call or text away. You will never have to cry alone again. In the long run, you will always have us.

About God's plans, I am sure He has plans for you. Remember: God can dream bigger for you than you can dream for yourself. Also keep in mind, it is okay to cry. And if you need a shoulder to put those tears on, mine is for free.

And you are absolutely right, no one can take away the light inside of you but yourself. So, don't forget to dust off you heart everytime you fall, and learn to love yourself more. And if you feel unloved, we -- your friends -- are here to make you feel that you are loved. And remember: you are beautiful.

We love you, mare.


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