Sunday, January 15, 2006

Bitching Bad

It is very rare that I bitch during a night out but last Friday, I just cannot help it.

I was supposed to watch Narnia last Friday because there was a Fab night out but I was not in a movie kind of mood that night, so my friends (Raymond, Young, Ramde, Danz, Ian) and I decided to go straight to Malate. Danz went home.

We went straight to Synder and some of the Fab members joined us. In fairness, around 50 members arrived. So as expected, when billing comes, some of them became deaf. Some of them kept singing. Some of them went out of the room.

Well, I have nothing against Class C-D people but my God, if they don't have money to pay for what they ordered and to give their share on the room, they should have stayed home that night! And what pisses us more, these people do not even belong to the Class C-D group. So we (Young and I) decided to be bitches and ask them for their share. Rainbow arrived. Rainbow is tougher than Young and I combined. So we got through.

It is not that we expect everyone to pay, but we expect those who seemed to own the mic ever since he entered the room to pay at least his share on the room. And we also expect those who ordered to pay what they ordered. Some of them just drank and left! I think it is true that everyone turns into a deaf ear when the bill comes.

We went home at around 4 AM, Raymond and I went to BJs to eat breakfast. We talked about things that transpired that night. Afterwhich, we went home.

Argh! Social climbers -- burn in hell! Or just stay at home!


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