Thursday, July 05, 2007

You Do Not Own Me

You Do Not Own Me

You won’t leave me alone
Ugly, empty, ugly black hole;
Ugly, ugly, hollow thoughts
Why do you play with me like that?
You make me sick and you break my heart
You make me cry and you break my spirit
You take away my pride and destroy my life
Why won’t you leave me alone?

I can feel your claws digging into my heart,
Grabbing me by the throat
And ripping me into pieces…
I feel so hollow
(I want to go insane!)
So desperately unsightly,
So desperately inadequate;
So obviously torn
Weak, weary, wretched, whiny witch
Why, why, why?

You don’t own me
And yet you make me your slave
I am despicable
I am disposable
I am detestable
I am me,
Can you say enough?
Can’t you say goodbye?
Do you love me so much?
I don’t understand this before
But now I do.

I am sitting here in million pieces
While you sip your expensive wine;
While you are with your new love;
And you think I don’t see you?
But I do!
Through the mirror that blackens my soul –
Stained, sickly, sorry, sorry soul
And all for you…
All for you!

Now i can say
You don’t know me
You don’t own me
You’ve disowned me
As I have you…

Say your prayers tonight
And feel as the sticky bedbugs bite,
For I will not let you become my gravedigger…
Black, black hole
Leave me alone!
I can dig my own decrepit grave…

I will never need you grief,
So leave me alone…

Who needs you when I already have myself?

I found this poem in some maagzine when I was in high school.



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