Sunday, March 26, 2006

FABtism and Life or Death


Last Saturday, FABtism was held in Room 313 at Robinsons Apartel. The party started at 9 PM. But we, the organizers, were up by 11 AM to fix and buy stuffs.

It was fun! About 120 Fab Members attended so we can say that it was a success. Thanks to us -- the organizers.

It was nice meeting and getting to know a lot of people. And for that night I have learned something. In life, you will meet a lot of people. Certain people who will touch your life. And in my life, I have a lot of friends. I have a list of my favorite friends -- those who have earned my trust.

I value friendship so much that is why when someone devalues that friendship, I think twice. If someone took for granted the friendship, memories and the camaraderie between the two of us, he/she/it is not worthy of my trust. And I hate it when a friend of mine compares our friendship to his new friends. It is so pathetic for someone to do that.

Now, I am thinking twice on one of my friends. One piece of advice: instead of finding faults in people (you said no one is perfect right?), try focusing on your grammar. Just do not go around playing the victim because evidently, you are the one who started all of this. None of this would happen if not for you.

*Pictures from FABtism to be posted soon.


Life or Death?

To people who are suicidal, it is easy to choose between the two.

But let me tell you that life is full of choices. When you are so depressed, you can always cheer yourself up by going out with your friends. You can entertain yourself by watching DVDs, shopping, and clubbing. There are many options.

When you choose death over life, you have no choice but to die. There will be no time for regrets because you are, hello, dead.

Just recently, one of my friends tried to kill himself by drinking insecticide. I talked to him over the phone. He was still int he hospital so instead of anger, I offered him comfort. He is going through a lot of things, and I know sermons were not the things he needed that night. But I cannot resist on saying how stupid he was. A piece of advice for my friend (if ever you come across this blog): love yourself more. How can someone love you, if you do not love yourself? Death is not the answer.

And to those who arefeeling suicidal, I have one advice: get a life!


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