Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Whenever You Call, Love

Whenever You Call, Love

Last night, I went home at around 12 MN. Before going to sleep, I listened to my iPod. The song Whenever You Call by Mariah Carey played. I got teary eyed.

Love wandered inside
Stronger than you,
Stronger than I...

I remember my first love. It was 8 years ago -- way back in high school. This song was the witness on how I fell in love with my first love. It brought back the memories.

I won't ever be too far away to feel you
And I won't hesitate at all
Whenever you call
And I'll always remember the part of you so tender
I'll be the one to catch your fall
Whenever you call...

In a few minutes, I was back there inside the bus going to Philippine Expo, holding a walkman between our ears. We were listening to this song.
And I will breathe for you each day
Comfort you through all the pain
Gently kiss your fears away
You can turn to me and cry
Always understand that I
Give you all I am inside...

Now, I do not know if I miss him or I miss being in love.


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