Thursday, March 16, 2006

Angel Standing By

Angel Standing By

I have always been fascinated by angels. I liked the idea that they are with you everywhere you go. My Birthday Angel is Barchiel. Angel Barchiel is the bringer of hope.

When I was young, whenever I need someone to talk to, I will talk to my guardian angel. Call me crazy, but I find solace in talking to my angel.

Back in college, I had a friend who is into witchcraft. I forgot the name of the game we used to play but it is like an Ouija Board. One time, we all asked for our past life being. And when I asked mine, the glass spelled A-N-G-E-L. We asked for several times and it said the same thing. I have yet to confirm from another past life reader if the claim was true.

Up until now, I still talk to my angel during my loneliest times. During the times when I cannot turn into anyone, I turn to my angel for comfort. Even when, I am scared, I find myself talking to her. And she never refused to listen to me even if I was stubborn at times. And I can talk to her anytime, anywhere.

I really believe that each of us has his own angels. And I believe that even in our loneliest moments, none of us are really ever alone.


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