Friday, May 30, 2008



No, it's never the same.
If you don't feel it too.


Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Ate Sand

Ate Sand

The first time I saw Ate Sand was after I left GMA and they hired me as a freelancer as a visual merchandiser for Levi's. She is the bestfriend of one of my events mentor, Ate Bam. I can remember how our first meeting was. Glorietta, May 12 (not sure on the date). Ate Bam and I arrived at Levis G4 before she did. About 30 minutes, she arrived with her colorful outfit and curly hair with bangs. In short, ganda gandahan lang.

We had our first bonding moment when we went out for a night at Makati. We first went to the Biker's Bar (di ko na matandaan ang name!). She was waiting for someone. Hahaha. Akala namin jackpot na at wala na kaming gagastusin! haha In fairness, libre sakay from Makati to Malate, di ba? Hehe.

From then on, we spent countless drinking sessions. heart to heart talks, and rakets. I remember drinking beer with her at 3 in the AFTERNOON. Hahaha

She is a bestfriend, an ate, and a mother all rolled into one. Pareho sila ni Ate Bam. That is why I never regret joining their group.

Ate Sand, I wish you all the best. In everything. Kaya natin ang lahat ng ito basta hawak kamay. Ay kanta ba yun? I miss bumming out with you guys...:(

Happy birthday! Mwah Labyou!

PS: Ate Sand turned a year older last May 11, 2008. And she had a rocking party last May 13. :P Pasensya rin late. Sabaw ako these past few days.

Global Waming Effect?

Global Waming Effect?

These past few days, I have been spending my afternoons sleeping for hours. I have been verrrrry lazy. Raymund and Ate Sand's spent their birthdays last week and I have yet to write a decent blog entry for them.

They say that climate change is one of the global warming effects. Could my laziness also be a global warming effect? Are you suffering from the tamad factor too?

Tell me while I sleep. Zzzzzzzzz.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl

I was browsing through my Facebook account when I decided to take the Gossip Girl test.

Turned out, I am most likely to date Dan Humphrey.

And I am a Jenny. I was expecting that I'm a Blair.

Eh magkapatid sila. Incest! Ang saya! Ang nagagawa nga naman ng walang magawa.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Escaping Reality

Escaping Reality

Escaping reality is fun even if it us just for awhile.

Last weekend, I went to Bataan with a bunch of my great friends. We stayed for three days and two nights and did nothing but hang out, eat, drink, swim, sleep and laugh. The last time I took a vacation was last year before I entered GMA. Back then, I went to Galera to clear my mind and to decide if I will go back to GMA. The wind whispered that I should.

I went to Bataan with a mission to decide whether I should stay at GMA or leave and be self employed again. I never arrived on a final decision. I am still confused. Maybe I should stay for this year.

This year, my vacation was very different. We were back to our carefree selves. We laughed as though no one could hear us. I danced as if no one was watching me. We drank as though no one would judge us. Well, we put our Grand Matador mix in a Nestea bottle so no one would notice we were drinking alcohol as early as 4 PM. The beach resort is not that great. Imagine having to pay for every move. On our last night, we decided to eat at their cafe but it turned out that all tey have to offer us is sandwiches. On our last day, after we sunbathed, we found out that we have no water in our room. We have to go to the admin for them to open the water pump. Sheesh. Nevertheless, as the cliche goes, it is not about the place, it is about who you are with. Whenever I'm with these guys (Bellas group), rest assured, we will have a blast. We could turn a boring moment into a memorable one.

But the hard part of being on a vacation is going back to reality. We escaped reality but only for thos three days. My heart felt the loneliness of reality as we were travelling along NLEX. There, I can smell Manila. I can smell work.

Up until now, I am still undecided on the things I need to decide. Maybe I just want to quit because am just stressed out. Or maybe I need to hear the calm of the wind again.

I need to escape reality once in awhile. Swear.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Bataan Here We Come

Bataan Here We Come

It has been a year since my feet landed on a beach. I'm so freaking excited!!!

My goal this year is to get a tan. The last time I tried getting a tan was back in 2006. I lay myself down the sands of Galera with tanning lotion all over my body for about an hour. Did it work? No. hahaha. It is hard for me to tan up. But I am so determined this year to get tanned.

This will also give me some time to think about my life - career wise and love wise. My GMA contract is about to expire at the end of May. I'm still having second thoughts on extending. It is just too tiring waking up 2:30 AM from Monday to Friday. Too stressing.

So here's me hoping that when I get back, you will all be saying hello to a tanned and an unconfused Chicco with a peace of mind.

See yah!