Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Ate Sand

Ate Sand

The first time I saw Ate Sand was after I left GMA and they hired me as a freelancer as a visual merchandiser for Levi's. She is the bestfriend of one of my events mentor, Ate Bam. I can remember how our first meeting was. Glorietta, May 12 (not sure on the date). Ate Bam and I arrived at Levis G4 before she did. About 30 minutes, she arrived with her colorful outfit and curly hair with bangs. In short, ganda gandahan lang.

We had our first bonding moment when we went out for a night at Makati. We first went to the Biker's Bar (di ko na matandaan ang name!). She was waiting for someone. Hahaha. Akala namin jackpot na at wala na kaming gagastusin! haha In fairness, libre sakay from Makati to Malate, di ba? Hehe.

From then on, we spent countless drinking sessions. heart to heart talks, and rakets. I remember drinking beer with her at 3 in the AFTERNOON. Hahaha

She is a bestfriend, an ate, and a mother all rolled into one. Pareho sila ni Ate Bam. That is why I never regret joining their group.

Ate Sand, I wish you all the best. In everything. Kaya natin ang lahat ng ito basta hawak kamay. Ay kanta ba yun? I miss bumming out with you guys...:(

Happy birthday! Mwah Labyou!

PS: Ate Sand turned a year older last May 11, 2008. And she had a rocking party last May 13. :P Pasensya rin late. Sabaw ako these past few days.


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