Thursday, May 01, 2008

Bataan Here We Come

Bataan Here We Come

It has been a year since my feet landed on a beach. I'm so freaking excited!!!

My goal this year is to get a tan. The last time I tried getting a tan was back in 2006. I lay myself down the sands of Galera with tanning lotion all over my body for about an hour. Did it work? No. hahaha. It is hard for me to tan up. But I am so determined this year to get tanned.

This will also give me some time to think about my life - career wise and love wise. My GMA contract is about to expire at the end of May. I'm still having second thoughts on extending. It is just too tiring waking up 2:30 AM from Monday to Friday. Too stressing.

So here's me hoping that when I get back, you will all be saying hello to a tanned and an unconfused Chicco with a peace of mind.

See yah!


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