Thursday, December 29, 2005

Three Parties Before 2005 Ends

After Topher's party last Monday, I went to Malate to meet up with Raymond and Ramde. We stayed at Fab Bar. We decided to meet again on Tuesday on the same place.

So on Tuesday night, we were at Fab Bar for the acoustic night with Lord Brian.

Ramde, Me, Lord Brian, Rainbow, Red and Dominick @ Fab Bar

As always, we had fun. My friends jammed with Lord Brian. Attendees were: Rainbow, Ramde, Dominick, Ghen, Ken, Red, Borj, Red, Jason, and me.

I went home early because I have to go to Cavite the next day for the birthday of one of my inaanaks -- East.

Daphne and I met at Mcdonald's Letran at around 4 PM. And we arrived at Arianne's House at 8:00 PM! Apparently, we got lost.

I miss being with my college friends. Attendees were: Pao, Arianne, Mitch, Dap, Joy, Alex, Mark, Verna, Jao and me. No pictures yet.

UPDATES: Joy is seven months pregnant. Isa isa na sila. Hehehe.

We went home at around 11 PM because I still ahve a party to attend to the next night, The White Party at the World Trade Center.

Fab Friends

Last night was the last Circuit Asia Party of the Year -- The White Party. At around 6 PM, Jeff and I met at Rob Placethen went straight to Rainbow's place to dress up. I was wearing a white sando with a FIGHTER21 (my nick) logo, a jacket (borrowed from Allaine), faded pants, white leather Chuckie Taylors and a white leather cap.

My friend Young joined the white costume competition . He did not win. But his costume was a bomb! For us, he is the winner.

But the highlight of the night: I won an IPOD NANO!!! Loves it!

I am not in the mood for blogging! I am still sleepy. More tomorrow. Or someday. I will also post more pictures when I write again.

Oh, Happy New Year to everyone reading!

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Let Bygones be Bygones

It was our friend Topher's birthday last December 25. So last night, we went to Makati to celebrate his birthday.

It was nice seeing old friends come together. It had been a long time since the last time we were together. Almost everyone was there: Topher, Alex, Richard, Cholo, Jeff, Nico, Kravz, Ferdie, Bro, Yam, GL, Burt, Joeffer, and many others.

It was a good night. Why? Because I was able to settle one of the most important issues in my 2005 -- my Little Prince.

He was there. He talked to me. Honestly, I prepared myself for this. So he did not catch me off guard. He called me in one corner.

So there we were on top of the building watching fireworks being scattered in the skies -- talking. But it was more a like catching-up-with-each-other talk rather than an 'issue' talk.

LP: Alam mo yun tinext ko sa iyo nun, about dun sa usap?
C: Oo naman. Bakit?
LP: Uhhmmm...
C: (cutting him off) Ano ka ba? Wala na yun noh!
LP: Talaga?
C: Oo noh. Past is past. O kamusta ka na?

And then the conversation continued. We talked about our work, his graduation next year (he is in Magna Cum Laude Standing), fireworks, and other things. Until now, his brain still amazes me. If there will be a friend of mine who deserves to have the moniker of Mr. Know It All, he will definitely have the title. Hands down.

I think I handled the situation very well. As sister slut puts it awhile ago, let bygones be bygones. When she told me that, I looked at her and told her I said the same thing to my Little Prince last night. Though in a more common term, 'past is past'. Let bygones be bygones.

Suffice to say, everything is fine between us. And I have to admit, I miss having him as my friend.

And if ever you are reading this blog, thank you for everything. And I am so glad that everything is okay. And I am so proud of you Magna Cum Laude standing. Be bigger!

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Merry Christmas!

Though it's been said
Many, many times
Many different ways
Merry Christmas to you...

It's Christmas day and I have colds. Plus, I am in the office. This is how I am spending my Christmas day.

Last night was fun. The newest addition to our family, Iya (daughter of my cousin Baju), was the star of the night. At 2 AM, we were done.

I am not in the mood for blogging. I am sick.

So Papa Jesus, happy birthday po. And to everyone reading, Merry Christmas.

Friday, December 23, 2005

Of Torva and Love

Fab Friends - Lester (Howeko), Raymund (Rainbow), moi and Alvin (Curting)

There was a News and Public Affairs Christmas Party last night here at GMA. But I was on duty so I have no time to party with my co-workers. I just ate dinner and went back to my cubicle as soon as I was done.

After my shift, Raymond texted me informing me that he will be at Malate. He also asked me if I will be going there. I said yes. So at 12:30 MN, I was outside the gates of GMA waiting for a taxi with my friend, Lorie. I arrived at Malate at around 1 AM. I went straight to Sonata where Raymond was waiting for me. I also saw Letran friends with Mam Me-an at Synders.

Alvin texted me asking me where I was and saying he has something to tell me. So I told him I was at Sonata with Raymond.

The thing he was dying to tell me was that four of our friends were held in a precint. Why? They passed by a checkpoint and the police found some torvas in the pouch of one of our friends. The police were asking for 60, 000 in exchange of their release. At the end, they bargained and they paid 30, 000 for their "freedom."

At around 3 AM, I was set to go home. But another thing happened. I don't think I am in the position to meddle with such things. So I will not tell the story of what happened to two of our friends who are "starting to like" each other.

Instead, I will write on what Rainbow and I discussed over iced tea and mango juice at Cafe Adriatico.

One question that surfaced: Bakit may mga ganoon tao? Teary eyed, we talked of what happened -- apparently, Rainbow can relate to this. And this morning, I have realized that I have been through the same thing two years ago. It hurts to see that the person you love the most does not give a flying fuck of what you feel. You best efforts go down the drain.

So, bakit may mga taong ganoon? People who think that they can wrap people around their finger because they are rich or they are too good looking. People who think that they can toy with people's feelings.

But everytime I come across people like that, Alicia Keys always reminds me of something: What goes around, comes around.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Two days after my first post

I have learned that manipulating template codes is not that easy.

I have so much to learn. Or I will ask one of my friends to do it for me.

Anyway, for now, enjoy my design.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

First Post

I decided to create an account in

Why? I want to be able to manipulate the template of my blog. However, my tabulas blog is still active.