Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Last Show

Last Show

This weekend will see the last two shows of Poohkwang. It ran for a month at Music Museum. I don't know if I am sad or I am happy that it is over.

Of course, I am happy because my Saturdays off are back! I sooo miss my Saturday afternoon naps.

But despite this, I will miss doing Poohkwang. I will miss Pooh and Pokwang, our Thursday set-up, the production team, the last minute prayers, the company call, the co-stars, the dancers, laughing at the jokes, pre-show shopping at Greenhills, chikahan wth Jeddah and many more.

The director Mamu will not be able to attend the last two shows so AD Raymund will take over his place And guess who will take over Raymund's place? Me. Bite me! Im so freaking nervous. Wish me luck! Bonggang bonggang luck!

Got free time Friday and Saturday night this week? Watch the show! It will surely tickle your heart.


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