Thursday, March 27, 2008



It's Jaymie's 24th.

The first time I met Jaymie was during Rxandy's pictorial for his first exhibit RxAW. Di pa kami close that time. Kahit hi-hello, wala. But after the successful exhibit of her cousin, we were given a chance to ahng out a couple of times and talk and bond.

Jaymie is a great friend - a great listener and a good adviser. I remember us, both crying in Ate Nissa's room. From then, we shared countless drinks and secrets. She is smart, hardworking and a certified cam whore. You will never see her without a digicam in her hands.

Jayms, thanks for everything we shared. Here's to you and to all the drinking sessions and coffees that we will be sharing.

Labyou! Mwah!!

PS: Jaymie, nakayellow ka rin pala last birthday celebration mo. Tita Cory, is that you? Hehehe


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