Thursday, February 07, 2008

Nearing 25

Nearing 25

The politcal unrest in the country is becoming as annoying as Boy Abunda saying 'exclusibo' every Sunday on The Buzz. Politicians with vested interest, sore sour losers and people who want their own 15 minutes of fame is now busy doing and saying their things.

Ho-hum. Same old story with added new cast.

This is our country a week before heart's day. Last year, I spent Valentine's Day home, sulking while listening to sad love songs. This year, I think I will spend it alone. But with someone inside my heart.

This is our country two weeks before I turn 25. Usually, by now, I go crazy. But, fortunately, I'm still not. YET.

There is no time for that, I think. I am so drowned with work - GMA News has been busy with this Lozada thing (stressful!), we have a big event on Saturday (how big? NBC Tent big.) plus I am surrounded with friends who love and treasure me. Ichan, our High School Kuya, is Manila bound tonight and he will stay here for a month. Now if only I could contact Eye and if only JP will reply to my Friendster messages, my HS barkada will be complete for my birthday celebration minus Mike can't be there because he is in Las Vegas.

So if ever I will reach the age of 100, I will be a quarter old two weeks from now. They say that this is the age where you experience a quarter life crisis. I do not know if I can handle such.

And as I turn 25, the country is facing yet another crisis. I'm not sure if PGMA can still handle this one.


Blogger Xio said...

i didn't know there was a Quarter Life crisis. ahihi ;>

5:06 AM  

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