Thursday, December 20, 2007

My Christmas Rant

My Christmas Rant

Last night, a kid caroler sang in front of our gates. His medley version of well-knowned Filipino Xmas songs reminded me that it is six days to go before Jesus’ birthday. I was too busy thinking of things to realize that Xmas is so close.

That was last night. Today, it’s five days away til Xmas.

On my way to work this morning, radio stations also played Christmas songs. Before getting off my cab, the DJ played my favorite Christmas tune, My Grown-Up Christmas List. I was also texting with a friend who was waiting for the Simbang Gabi mass to start. He was attending mass; I was on my way to work.

Same will happen on the night before Christmas. While everyone is busy doing Christmas stuff like attending eating Noche Buena, catching up with what’s going on with their loved ones, opening presents, laughing heartedly on stories being told and a lot more, I am busy at work. Yes, apparently, I have a 4 PM til 12 MN duty on the 24th.

But I have no reason to protest because I imposed it to myself. I volunteered to do the Eve duty so as to compensate with my absences in GMA because of my events gig.

Yesterday, I went to SM Centerpoint and TRIED to shop for gifts. I failed. I am not a good gift shopper. Plus, the crowd is just not tolerable.

Holidays also remind me a lot of things -- especially at Christmas time. It was around this time last year that Mike and I first tried to end things between us formally. It was exactly December 23. Two days short before Xmas. A year after, we saw each other about six times, one of which he chose to ignore me because he was with someone. I still miss him.

Christmas time always reminds me of us being father-less. Believe it or not, my father is ‘working’ on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day for the past years. He is also ‘working’ on New Year’s celebration. Last year, he arrived just as the clock was about to strike at 12 MN. Two hours after, he was off to somewhere. We never asked. I do not know why none of us asked him where he would go. I think it is because we are afraid that this answer will be the same as the one on our minds. Up until now, I am still in wonderment why he still chooses to go home.

They say that Christmas is for kids. When I was young, I refused to believe that. I always thought that grown-ups also enjoy this season. But I was wrong. I am 24, so I am not a kid of teenager anymore; I am a member of that grown-up population. Am I enjoying Christmas every year? Hmm. I am still enjoying the holidays but not as much when I was young. The magic of Xmas is still there but not as magical as before. I missed getting crazy every time Xmas is just around the corner.

To everyone, have a very sexy Christmas. Hope you go crazy like kids.


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