Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Paper Boat Feelings

Paper Boat Feelings

You cannot hear what my mind thinks
Or what my lips hunger to say.

Your ears are more than five hundred miles away from mine.

So to ease the fear inside of me,
I carefully wrote what I wanted you to hear
On a piece of white paper
With my loosely script hand writing,
I wrote what I wanted you to know
and what I wanted to say.

As the ink marked the paper,
slowly I wonder how this small piece of white paper
will get through to you.

I finally inscribed my name at the end of the letter.
Without thinking,
I carelessly folded the paper.

With each fold,
I pray that, like my message,
this small paper boat will get across to you.

I held the paper boat along the shore
and looked at the moon.

but no matter how far the distance is between us,
we are under one moon
and under the same sky.

We share nothing but time.

I set the paper boat on sail.
The wind gently takes its course.

As the calm water of the night
gently kissed my boat,
I can see the ink smudging.

My heart smeared by my own words
The words I want you to hear.

The boat keeps sailing,
cutting through the silent night.

I watched as the wind blew the boat far away from the shore.
Again, I stared the the moon.
Your voice echoes in my mind
Your sweet words captured my heart.

The water slowly swallowed the boat.
As my feelings slowly swallowed the better part of me.

The boat will never get through you.
My feelings will be left unheard.
And still, you are hundred miles away from me.

We shared nothing but time.

---- January 24, 2008
9:53 AM


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