Thursday, December 27, 2007

Spice Girls In Manila?

Spice Girls In Manila?

Last night, I got a text from my friend Rome.

For those people who want the Spice Girls to perform in concert here in the Philippines please support buying the greatest hits to beat Thailand in the record sales so that the Philippines would have the highest record sales because the Spice Girls will base it on the sales in which of the both countries they will go. Please spread it to others, thank you. - Source: Summit Media

I replied asking if this was true. He said that it was from a reliable source. So this morning, the minute I opened an internet explorer browser, I began to search my own sources. Apparently, the same message was posted in all the Spice Forums that I have visited. I got hold of a different news.

I wonder who Mr. X is. But as I checked out Spice's official site, it has yet to be announced. So as the blogger said, maybe the deal is not final YET.

Keep your fingers crossed, Spice Maniacs as you march to the nearest record stores to buy your Greatest Hits copy. This may be our only chance.


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Thanks for writing this.

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