Thursday, December 27, 2007

Anticipating Yet Another Year

Anticipating Yet Another Year

Pao's YM status message puts perfectly what I am feeling four days away from 2008: I am getting tired of 2007.

I am literally tired. For the past six months, I have been juggling myself between two jobs. You think it's great because of the money I am earning. But sad to say, it is not. A big bulk of the money I earn goes to my mom and to those whom I borrowed money from when I was self employed. I still cannot but things that I want to buy, except for clothes.

This year, I also learned that earning money is not a piece of cake. I have to commend my parents for raising us. I am always complaining how hard it is to earn money, how much more if I have five kids and bills to pay?

Twenty Double Zero Seven brought a lot of things to me. Aside from being blessed with two jobs, this year also saw my first surprise birthday party EVER. Thanks to my cool events team -- Planetmint. I was really surprised, no joke.

Last year, I was still excited on the future of our events team. But this year, we learned to accept that not all things go as expected. We failed. And it is okay to accept failure. According to Feng Shui, our Timog Office is not 'properly located' in terms of success.

Feng shui was right. After we decided to give up the office, events literally poured in. Sad for me, I just penned a year contact at GMA. So as hardworking as I am, I decided to go on having two jobs. GMA agreed that I can take the 4AM to 12 noon shift so I could do events in the afternoon. Six months after, I feel haggard ang wasted.

Having said this, I find myself seaching for an outlet. I don't know about how others deal with their stress, but for me, O Bar is the cure. No matter how sleepy or tired I am, I have to have my O Bar fix at least once a week. It's like my own comfort zone. Nothing beats spending time with great friends at O Bar.

Great friends. One thing I love about 2007. I am not bragging or anything but I have a set of great great great friends. My 2007 will be a dud without them spending the year with me.

Great friends worth mentioning are: Lester, Ate Bam, Ate Sand, Mama Grace, Robyn, Randy, Robert, Jaymie, Edmar, Raymund, Deck, Dom, Pao, Red, Hannah, Mitch, MJ, my GMA monitoring friends, China, Krestel, and of course, "Booyaki". They were all with me through all my memorable experiences this year.

Some of those experiences are: Holy Week Getaway, Galera Experience, Rock The Vote gig, Kwentong Starfish Awards Night, Christina and Beyonce's concerts.

Okay okay, so my love life is not that great this year. Who cares? Well, I used to. But I learned not to. With a great set of friends who don't give you as much drama, who am I to complain. I will survive.

With only four days short away from 2008, I am looking forward to yet another great year but just as tiring. As of now, we have three pending events. But I vow myself that I should start thinking of the stability of my job. I will be 25 years old soon. I have to have a very stable job.

So here's me wishing you had a great 2007 and hope you will have a rocking 2008. Cheers!


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