Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Thinking Twice

Thinking Twice

It is a very known fact that I have a lot of friends.

I do not know what had gotten into me last night that I started to ponder on who my real friends really are.

There are those who usually join me dancing in bars. Some join me at the mall. Of course some are from work and some are from my schools.

But when can we actually say that your friendship with another person has finally cross the line across being true and genuine? Is it when you share a bucket full of tears? Or when you both have stomach ache from laughing out so much? Is it when everytime you need to go out, he/she is the first person to pop your mind? Is it when you feel comfortable with the silence that befalls between you when you are together?

I cannot say.

Since last night, I have been in a very, very foul mood. I am not sure why. I am now thinking twice on some of my friends. Especially those who only see me everytime they are troubled or everytime they need me.

I can pinpoint to you some of them but it is not fair. I can name names but I am holding back. Why? Because all my wanderings may be a result of me being childish as I was once called.

And I am just hoping, as India Arie told me before, this too shall pass. I know it will.


Blogger wanderingcommuter said...

wow, i almost lost my jaw.
in a way, i could feel where this feeling coming from. oh well, it will pass.

11:06 PM  

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