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Filipinos are known for their humor. And this is one proof. Amidst he political instability in the country, someone was able to come up with this. Enjoy laughing!

Erap, Arroyo jokes give way to Trillanes chucklers

Before, there were “Erap jokes," then there were “Gloria jokes." After last week’s Makati standoff, the latest to make the rounds of cyberspace are “Trillanes jokes."

The Trillanes jokes were posted late Wednesday night on an online forum that replaced the “Pilipino" website of missing Marine Capt. Nicanor Faeldon.

Jokes in the forum included the “top 10 reasons" why Trillanes and his followers packed up at The Peninsula hotel last Nov. 29, and the “top 10 reasons" they should have holed up at a motel instead.

According to the jokes, the top 10 reasons for Trillanes and company to pack up were:

* Not even his mother joined them;
* Oakwood had a better lobby;
* CNN was not there to cover it;
* The hotel had run out of ice cubes;
* The APC’s were parked in the lobby and not the parking lot;
* Trillanes realized being tear gassed was not part of his mandate as senator;
* (former vice president Teofisto Jr.) Guingona thought it was an anti-Erap, or pro-Erap pardon rally;
* Cool surrender was better than the company of Father Robert Reyes;
* Trillanes noticed people were crying not because of the tear gas but because of him; and
* Even GMA was beginning to look better the longer they stayed.

On the other hand, the top 10 reasons Trillanes and company should have gone to Victoria Court instead were:

* They were only gonna stay for a ‘short time’ anyway;
* Bishop Labayen and Fr. Robert Reyes could have heard **confessions;
* They could have wet the towels in the Jacuzzi to combat tear gas;
* There are no wedding receptions in Victoria Court. Only honeymoons;
* It always has more people than Manila Pen;
* The APC won’t know which garage to park;
* The ceiling mirrors would have thrown off the raiding party;
* ABS-CBN could have done an episode of XXX and The Buzz while covering the coup;
* ‘What happens in Victoria Court stays in Victoria court’; and
* It’s a good place to get screwed.


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