Thursday, October 04, 2007

Can We Really?

Can We Really?

How do I put these on words? Let me try.

A lot has been said about the Desperate Housewives' racist slur and it is starting to annoy me.

Can we really blame them for seeing our medical practitioners as such? Maybe the writers have heard of the special Recto's "diploma" and the nursing leakage scandal. Maybe these are the writers' basis for their statement.

IMO, the Filipino is now over reacting. The US based network ABC has already issued their apology, a thing that the Filipino community wants. Now they want more -- ban the show in Asia, have them retract the racist statement, have a Filipino doctor as guest in the TV show, delete/edit the particular scene, etc etc etc.

The exact line of Teri Hatcher's character was "before going further, can I check these diplomas cause I would just like to make sure that they're not from some med school in the Philippines." Let me stress on the word SOME. Susan, Teri's character, said SOME med schools which means that she is not pointing to the whole population of medical schools in the Philippines.

In our country, nursing is the most popular course choice of the high school graduates. This is the reason why, nowadays, there are a lot of nursing schools in the country. I remember hearing a news story about some of the nursing school who did not pass the CHED standard but it is still accepting enrollees. So maybe that is the 'SOME med schools' that the writers are referring to. Maybe this is also the reason why the writers considered mentioning our country. It is not even a blow to the Filipino doctors, it is an insult to that 'some med schools' in our country.

I know we are offended with the remark, but we have to consider that Desperate Housewives is a drama sitcom. It is not a commentary show. Frankly, I found the statement a bit funny because of Teri's delivery.

We, Filipinos, should have humor and should know when a joke is being made. And if we are so secure of our doctors capabilities, we should just laugh it off, right? And instead of whining, we should take this as a challenge. And we should not take everything seriously. Plus, in the country where fake products are at large (not to mention a question in the legitimacy of the president), we should not be shocked with these kind of allegations. It is normal. Very normal.

And I am sure may mag rereact na naman ng bongang bonga. :D


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