Sunday, September 09, 2007

What Is Your Erap Verdict?

What Is Your Erap Verdict?

Sandigan Bayan is set to reveal deposed president Joseph Estrada's verdict on his plunder case on Wednesday, September 12.

Of course, every opinionated being is divided on what they think must be the verdict. Some say that Erap should be vindicated while others have no doubt that Erap will be guilty.

Erap said that he did nothing wrong. If he is innocent, why did his allies didn't want the second envelope to be open? The crying scene of Senator Loren Legarda and the dancing performance of then senator Tessie Oreta placed a final nail on the coffin of Erap's presidency. FYI, Legarda is now on Estrada's team while Oreta joined the administration wagon on the previous elections (oh well, POLITICS!).

If Erap is vindicated, then he should be back to Malacanang, right? God forbid! What made this situation more complicated is that the presidency of PGMA -- the president who took over his place --is still in question especially now that the senate has re-opened the Hello Garci investigation. This means that if he will be found innocent and PGMA is guilty of election cheating, he is still our legal president. (It took me a loooong time and effort to type those words)

If he is guilty, all hells will break loose. Pro Erap groups will definitely launch massive protest rallies everywhere.

What is my Erap verdict? As the cliché goes, no one is above the law and I think he will be found guilty. IMO, every politicians is guilty of corruption. It is just a matter of how they hide and get away with it. That being said, Erap should take lessons from PGMA.

How about you, what's your Erap verdict?


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