Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Randomly Rants

Randomly Rants

I woke up today with colds and I am in for a long day. We have a set-up at Antipolo for our event tomorrow.

Something so beautiful for me went kaput even before it started. I think the three-word thing destroyed it all. What can I do? He caught me off guard and I have my reasons. Well, some good things are really not meant to go on forever.

Last night, somebody from my Multiply network texted me that her problems are beginning to take its toll on her. And to quote her, she said that she wants to 'kill herself for being herself.' I hope you get across my blog sweetie, let me tell you this: I have been through my my own share of shit, but I struggled my way to get out of it. Why? Because I have realized that life is full of choices. You can eithe be happy or be sad. But when you kill yourself, all chances fade. When you kill yourself, you have no choice because, well, you are dead. In life, when you make mistakes, you can always correct it. There are no wrongs that you cannot make right again. But when you slash your wrist or hang yourself, there are no turning back. You are not your own God so you cannot give back your life. I hope you read this and realize the things you were saying last night is just unimaginable.

I think Anthony Taberna is one smart pants commentator.

We, Letran College's Knights, lost to San Beda Lions yesterday at the NCAA. I missed watching NCAA and screaming my lungs out. My fave shouts are "Uwi na kayo!" and "Beda tulo laway" Hopefully, I wil be able to yell them next week. I promised my batchmates who watched the game yesterday that I will join them in Game 2 which is set on September 26, next Wednesday.

Anyway, it is still 7:06 in the morning and my day has yet to begin. I am at work nursing colds and an almost broken heart. Bring it on.


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