Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Guilty Or Not?

Guilty Or Not?

As a normal person, I am guilty of many things.

I am guilty of staying up late at night, staying tucked in bed until noon, eating too much chocolates, going home early from work, lying to have my way or to get out of things, being mean, faking what I think must be faked, watching too much porn, being lazy all the time, not giving enough but receiving too much, buying too much stuff, munching a lot of junk foods, drinking alcohol like there is no tomorrow, partying til dawn, surfing the net too much, blogging everyday and not writing enough in my private notebook, and listening to my ipod at least half of my day.

I am sure the former president is also guilty of some of the things enumerated above. But the real question is if he is guilty of the four things that he is being accused of.

Stay tuned.


Are you also guilty of not trusting this country's politicians? Well, I am. Well how can I trust them? Some of the people supporting Erap right now are the same persons who walked out of the senate after Erap's then-allies voted not to open the second envelope. They are the people who initiated Edsa II which replaced Erap with then-VP Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.

Talk about plastics.


One of Erap supporters said: "Kung guilty ang hatol, hindi kami manggugulo. Susunod kami sa batas!"

Well, we have to put on that test if Erap is found guilty. They should keep their words sweet, in case they have to eat them after a guilty verdict.


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