Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Night I Turned 25

The Night I Turned 25

I cannot think of an appropriate title of this blog. I have a lot of thing which I want to write about.

First things first, my Friday birthday celebration rocked! All of my super trusted friends were all there. Though some of them came tired, I was very grateful that they did.

My HS Friends were almost complete. We cannot contact Ai and MIke is still in Vegas. Thankfully, Rommel was able to call JP and Ichan is here to visit. I totally miss the times we used to hang-out at my house or at Ichan's house. Rxandy, the fabolous photographer (gusto mo yan?), was the first one to come together with his equally fabolous cousin, Jaymie (bolahan na toh!). They gave me four delicious mini cakes from Bizu plus a Christina Aguilera DVD from the photographer. Though Robyn was a bit late, at last we were complete. Robbie also followed at around 1 AM. Oh, Dr. Shok was also there. Thank you for sacrifcing your hours of sleep during duty just to attend my dinner. I missed our lengthy conversations back in college. I never thought that you could miss a group so much.

My Events Buddies were there too. Ate Sand and Ate Bam went straight to my house from DTI so they were a bit tired from the whole-day sitting. Kagawad Edmar and Raymund also came. Mamah Grace also came with a delicious pineapple kyeme cake. They all left early. Some were tired, some had work the next day and some of them went to Malate. :P

Lester came in with the nicest gift. This is the first time he came to my birthday hoopla. Thank you Baktol, though I know you had an early work on Saturday, thank you for coming.

My Grand Mami and Adonis Group - Hannah, Red, Niki and Jaymie. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Though I think we had much fun on Saturday night. I know Hannah had so much 'hard' fun! Thanks for coming you guys. Plus, thanks Hannah for the great Adonis Saturday night. At least, that is one thing I can cross out in my to-do list.

To evyerone who came, a very heartfelt thanks from me to all of you. Basically, the night was about catching up with what's happening to each other. But more so, it reminded me that these people was part of what I am now. I could have never survived the 25 years on my life without them. I love them to tiny bits. And if only I can, I want to press rewind so that I could relive it all over again.

PS: Pictures will be posted soon.


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