Thursday, February 21, 2008


My 25th

I am on my silver year. I am 25.

My 24th year had rocked. A stable job at GMA, left and right rakets, great rocking friends and a whole lot more of blessings.

With this, I want to say thanks to those who became a part of my 24th year. On top of my mind, God. I am nothing without Him. He had blessed me with great things.

Next kudos will go to my Mom and my siblings. I am working my ass out to help out in every single possible way. I know I am not vocal about how I feel, but I freaking love you.

My year would not be complete without my great friends. Mint Friends (Ate Bam, Ate Sand, Edmar, Raymund, Tita Pia), Hali Lester, Slutty China, Mama Grace, Tita Toni, Mami Lynette and kids especially Kelso, Grand Mami Buddies (Rxandy, Robyn, Jaymie, Niki, Hannah and Red), Robbie, Nina, Krestel, Joanne, Edenne, Jay-em, Gimik Buddies (Deck, Dom, BK, Tobey, Mitch), my GMA Friends (Allaine, Jenny, Micah, Vonne, Marian, Valerie at sa mga umalis na Karla, Lorie, Alexa, Virge and Jobelle), Juan Pablo Dream and HS Barkada (Ichan and company kahit deadma kami ng iba). Though hindi ko nakita at all ang Yagetz, miss ko pa rin sila. And to all my other friends: Richard, Cholo, Jeff, Nii, Eva, Carlo, BNT Group, Fab Group, O Bar Family, Kylaonliners, Ka-Friendsters, Ka-Multiply,,and alot more. My gosh, ang dami ko palang friends! Friendly pala ako. Hahaha.

To those I've worked with: Mamu, Philip Lazaro, Cast of Rock Da Vote (Miss Candy, Pooh, Sweet, Jon Santos, Miss Tessie, Chokoleit), Miss Kate, Mother Sisa, AFI group, Tita Cla, Models, Hosts (kinakarir namin ang awards show eh), Fern, mga boss ko sa GMA (Mam Grace and Tex for welcoming me back.) hehehe. Ang dami kong natutunan sa inyo. :P

Sa mga wumasak ng puso at puri ko, salamat. Hahaha

Kay Bochog, thank you din. Don't seek me for any reasons but you have been one of the strongest force in my life these past few months. Thanks for being you. And for being there.

Sino pa ba? Parang feeling ko gumagawa ako ng album. May acknowledgments.

To those I forgot, pasensiya na, tao na at tumatanda na ako.

Thanks you all! Be with me again on my 25th year!! MWAH! LABYOU ALL!!!


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