Monday, July 24, 2006



This will be the first time that I will write about you in my blog. Probably, this will be also the last one.

When I first met you, I thought you were the fairytale that I have been waiting for so long. I never saw anyone like you but in my dreams or in a fairytale that I have read. The moment I met your eyes, I thought that my prayer for almost three years had been answered. You were a dream when I wasn't sleeping -- a perfect prince for all the searching princesses.

But I thought wrong.

I hate to think that I am just an option to you. And last night proved a lot to me. How fool I was to believe every word you say. How stupid was I to pretend to see the sincerity on your eyes. And somewhere along the way, I got myself thinking if this was really love I was feeling or just an infatuation. And up until now, I still do not know the answer.

Now, I guess I have to let go before this thing inside me damages me further. This is the first time that I will let go of something that I am not even sure if it was mine.

Now I know that you were never a 'fairytale', but just a 'same old story.'


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