Monday, August 25, 2008

Doing, Waiting and Wanting

Doing, Waiting and Wanting

I am currently reading Twilight by Stephanie Meyer. I have no plans in buying the first installement of Meyer's series but Rxandy convinced me that I should get myself a copy. So, last Saturday, I did.

Now, I cannot wait to buy the next book. I also cannot wait for the new seasons of two of my favorite TV Series -- Gossip Girl and Desperate Housewives.

Chace Crawford is really hooooot! I also saw pictures of Blair and Serena catfighting! Can't wait.

After all this waiting is the wanting. What I want right now is a new phone: Sony Ericsson P1i. Actually, what I really want to have is their new X1 but it is still off the markets.

It is still out of my budget to buy a new phone right now. I still have a lot of more important stuff to save for. But until then, I cannot wait for our Bellas party on Friday and our yet another get-away on October / November.


PS: This is a product of boredom. Sigh.


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